The Book Thief

Last week I read a new book and I found it great.

The Book Thief is a novel written by Markus Zusak and published in 2005. The story takes place during World Ward II. It’s about Liesel Meminger who is the main character. She is a little German and she is separated from her mother because she can’t keep her safe. So, she arrived in the house of Hans and Rosa Huberman. Their neighbours are the Steiner and Rudy Steiner became Liesel’s best friend. All this important characters live in a poor street called « Traumen » and this would say « dream », this is important for the story and a little ironical. The last important character is Max Vandenburg and he is Jewish, this is really important. So many adventures happening to Liesel and all these characters and I found it very interesting and touching.The last points I have very appriciated  in this book is that the story takes place in the German camp and that the narrator is the death, and it’s a point of view new to me so this make the story more interesting to me. And of course the story talks about a book thief, but I don’t want to spoil any person who is interesting by this story.

I have already watched the film of The Book Thief. And it’s a good adaptation and this talk about the same subject of course. But I found it less interesting and touching than the book (like every book’s adaptation I’ve seen). And there are scene which have changed and I found it too bad.

So if you are interested by this story I advise you to read the book because it’s really more touching, moving and I found it really well written. So, make your choice, but choose the book.

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