« Arrow » is a American serie, created in 2012 by Andrew Kreisberg,Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and diffused on TF1 in 2014.

In this serie, we can follow the adventures of a billionaire called Oliver Queen, allias «The Arrow». This character is based on the DC Comics’s Super Hero Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen a billionaire, playboy and selfish man. He’s living in Starling City. (a ficticious city created by DC Comics)

But one day, when he was on a boat with his father and his lover, the sister of his fiancée, he was shipwrecked. On a lifeboat, his father told to him that he have failed their city and gave to him a notebook, then he suicides.

After that Oliver arrived on an island and spend 5 years alone. During this time, he learn how to fight and how to use a bow.

He fand a way to go home, and he have only one goal, to « save his city ».

To do this he «became someone else, something else». He became the arrow and armed with a bow, he tracks all the bad peoples who makes illegual money and he gives their fortune to poor, like a modern Robin Hood.

Because this serie is created by DC Comics we can see many many other super heroes too.

DC Comics created many other interesting series like « Constantine » « Gotham » , « The Flash » or films like « Man Of Steal »

Arrow respects the spirit of the comic book, I advise this serie that is a good mix between action, romance and adventure.

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