Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is a science fiction novel written by Dan Brown in 2003.  This is a best seller so the book has sold 86 million copies all over the world. A film adaptation was released in 2006 by Ron Howard.

This is the story of Robert Langdon an american who is involved in the murder of Jacques Sauniere against (who worked at the Louvre) his will. Langdon is accused because before dying Sauniere wrote on the ground « P.S find Robert Langdon ». The only personn who belienves in Langdon’s innocence is Sophie Neveu (granddaughter of Sauniere). She thinks that her grandfather message is intended for her and Langdon can help her to understand it. In return she helps him to escape the police comissioner Fache.
The central theme of the story is the secret struggle between the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and the Priory of Sion (the object of this struggle is the parternity of Christ).

This is an interesting story where the plot is well constructed and it si true that it is difficult to discern the historical and truethful either from fiction

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  1. There has been much talk about it but I’ve never tried to read it… I would have to read it!

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