The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper

The Book of Joe is a book wrote by Jonathan Tropper and it was published in 2006. I am going to make you a little summary of this novel :

On the first hand, Joe Goffman has everything he wants : a perfect flat in the best Manhattan districts, a lot of sentimental adventures, a beautiful car and to much dollars. This young author found succes very fast with his first best seller, Bush Falls.

For write this novel he was directly inspired by his teen is a city in the Connecticut and his best seller ridicules the mores of province of his former citizens. In this book, he denounces their hypocrisy, their narrow-mindedness and their depravities. But one day, he must come back to Bush Falls because of his hill father. He is confronted face to his memories… On his own against all the city and his past, Joe will be obliged to find his place…

This work is the Joe’s return story in his teen city after 17 years of absence…

I’ve read this book and I really found it interesting ! If I can give you a tip, you should read it ! And you ? Do you know this writer or this novel ?

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