Dr. Moreau’s island

         Edward Prendick is the only survivor of a shipwreck, rescued by Montgomery, who’s a passenger on a ship carrying animals. Montgomery is the assistant of Dr. Moreau, a crazy scientist. Prendick discovers that during the past ten years, the two men are experimenting on animals, performing transplants and surgery to make them act like humain being (talk & walk). The « beast-men » live in a village & obey to « the Law » which forbidden animal behavior & is forcing the animals to look up at Moreau, who they call  » Master « .

Rules : -Do not walk on fours.

            -Do not lick to drink.

            -Do not eat meat or fish.

            -Do not scratch trees.

            -Do not chase other men.

        But Prendick discovers that some creatures don’t respect it & are eating rabbits. The murder of Dr. Moreau is done by a beast, a man half puma. Montgomery is then killed and Prendick, now alone with the creatures, will manage to gain respect. He finally manages to escape on a boat & return to England. But traumatized by the experience, he continues to see the « ghost » of Moreau’s monsters in the cities.

       I read this book about 3 years ago & loved it; I can’t say why, it’s probably my psycopathe side’s talking. But it’s also probably because it’s an extraordinary story that brings admiration & a little bit of fear & disgust. Now with the evolution of science & medicine, why would it be not possible to do the same thing?

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  1. I have never read this novel, but one day I watched an Halloween episode of The Simpsons which had makes a parody of the Doctor Moreau Island, so I think I will read it, It has stirred my curiosity !

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