If I stay – Gayle Forman

During the last holiday I took the train back to Nevers and bought a small book that look pretty! IF I STAY written by Gayle Forman.

She writes for New York Times Magazine, Elle, and Glamour, and she was born in 1970
His first novel is  » If I stay.  »

I haven’t had time to read it all, but the style is pretty simple but nice, I was especially attracted by the story.
Mia, 17 years old cello prodigy, rock star father’s daughter, drummer’s sister and girlfriend of a rock star, will have a car accident and will become an orphan. She’ll be in a coma and have a choice to make, which depends only on herself. She can stay or die. We will see that the music will have a very important place in history.

The book was made into a film, I’ll probably watch it tonight, at least it’s a nice story!

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  1. It is one of my favorite movie! It is very touching, and it is realistic… it can concern everybody.

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