Hi everybody ! Today, i decided to talk about Insurgent (wich is the sequel of Divergent). First, i know that you will probably hate me, but Divergent bored me a lot, i fell asleep in front of this film.. I think this is because of the same long action. BUT one day my friends propose me to go to cinema for watching the second part, i couldn’t say no. So, I went. And here.. I just loved Insurgent ! I found every characters more and more interesting than we understand the clue of the movie. Shailene Woodley’s playing is just wonderful, i lived her emotions, her fear, sadness.. With her.

I was so surprised by this ! Actions and events of this movie are really really fascinating, i didn’t expect that, for being honest with you. So, please, don’t hit me.

I think you should watch Insurgent, even if you didn’t like Divergent. I did the experience, Insurgent is really really nice !

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  1. I watched Divergent and I was really sceptical, in my opinion it is really cliché.. I feel like it is a bad copy of The Hunger Games.

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