Into the Woods

Into the Woods is an american musical movie directed by Rob Marshall in 2014. It is an adaptation of a 1986 homonymous musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine.

There is a witch who puts a curse on a baker's father. Since this curse, he and his wife can't have a child. So, to have a child, he must give a white cow (Jack's cow), a golden shoe (Cinderella's shoe), a red cape (Little Red Riding Hood's cape) and yellow hair (Rapunzel's hair) to the witch. All these components are used for doing a magic potion which returns beauty and youth's witch.

All these characters have a dream : Cinderella wants to go to ball, Rapunzel hopes for going out of her tower, Jack wants to keep his cow and discover the world, the Red Riding Hood desires to see her grandmother, the baker wants to have a child.

Wishes are granted but there are consequences...

This movie received the American Film Institute Awards 2014.

Have you ever seen this film?

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