Little miss sunchine by Jonathan Dayton and Velrie Faris (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine is an American film directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris in 2006.

This film talks about characters with surprising sensitivity. It focuses on Richard Hoover overworked speaker, Sheryl a touching mother, as well as specialist Franck Proust who attempted suicide after his lover broke up with him and brother of Sheryl. There is also a very strange character described in this film it is Dwayne also fan of Nietzsche, he does a vow of silence for nine months to realize his dream of joining the United States Air Force Academy to become a test pilot and he communicates with a notepad.
Sheryl‘s father is he a rude person, a veteran of World War II, expelled from a nursing home where he was staying for use and sale of heroin. He lives with the family.
And finally, this film particularly tells the story of Olive seven years, wanting to miss a contest.
The characters find a nice balance between laughter and emotion.
Thus, this film is a comical escape, an impromptu group therapy, wild and traveling.
This is why I recommend it. It allows you to relax and it is a very good comedy!

3 thoughts on “Little miss sunchine by Jonathan Dayton and Velrie Faris (2006)

  1. I grown with this film, It is such a good one ! The only part I hate is when Olive’s grandpa died..

  2. Oh, it’s one of my favorite movies ! I love it, it so funny but also so touching !

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