The possession

The film  is a Canadian-American horror film directed by Ole Bornedal, released in 2012.

Clyde and Stephanie Brenek see no reason to worry when their youngest daughter Emily becomes strangely obsessed with a small wooden box purchased at a garage sale. But soon, his behavior becomes more aggressive and suspicious father the presence of a malevolent force around him. He then discovers that the box was created to contain a dybbuk, a spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.

The film is pulled on a « real- true story »…                                                                             This wooden chest gave him the name « dybbuk ». It was for a Polish family and after giving from hand to hand, it was won at auction by Kewin Mannis in 2003. The trunk contained a lot of personal items. According Mannis, it would have taken violent nightmares like the former owners of the dybbuk, each of which also reported that they felt a cat urine odor or jasmine flower near the trunk. Iosif Neitzke was the last person has won this auction mysterious wooden box. The dybbuk was the cause of his health problems (unexplained hair loss, hives, cough with bleeding welts from head to foot). Neitzke kept a blog where he told all his misadventures, a blog to it by a certain Jason Haxton who decided one day to help Neitzke by using a rabbi to re-seal the evil spirit in the trunk. Apparently successful, Haxton has decided to hide the dybbuk we never find him.
The story is not insane, we stay on the beaten track . It’s a pleasant film that will appreciate as well at home to pass the time I think the big screen bringing nothing here. We are far from the level of intensity of classic adjusted to the millimeter. A feature that works on the Paranormal activity series of flower beds with a small budget ($ 14 million) for a very good return on investment.
The film is good and meets our expectations, because you risk to feel uncomfortable in front of some scenes.

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