The Unabridged Journal of Sylvia Plath

In class we worked on The Unabriged Journal of Sylvia Plath, it’s an autobiography. At the beginning of the extract the author is in Benidorm, in Spain, during her honeymoon with her husband. Her husband is also a writer, so writing is the center of their relationship, we can see that Sylvia admires her husband and they seems to leave in a perfect harmony.It gives to Sylvia much energy and she has many projects. Her life seems to be perfect now she is married. Then it’s very strange because just a few hours after, we feel that something has happened, she seems to be lost and there is no more harmony. It’s very surprising because suddenly it’s as if everything around her has changed. We can see that the author souffers probably from psychological instability and we know that she commited suicide. I found this extract very interesting and I like autobiographies because we learn lot of things about authors, but in this case I think it’s different because the journal was published after Sylvia Plath’s death and we don’t know if she would have agreed to publish it. And you, what do you think about autobiographical novel ?

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