The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by L.Frank Baum

Lyman Frank Baum is an amercian writer of the 20’s century mostly known for his children’s books. He had writen in 1900 a novel intitled The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz which tells the story of Dorothee a young girl who lives in Kansas and who is taken away with is house by a tornado and arrived in a wonderful country called Oz. She have to find a wizard to come back home in Kansas. It’s quiet an initiatory journey in a way because the character, Dorothee, is taken to an unknown place and she have to face many dificulties in the aim of returning home.

This story has been adapted on screen in 1939 into a musical directed by Victor Fleming staring with Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr… This movie had totally take inspiration into the novel.

There is also a new adaptation of it that had been done quiet recently and which is a prequel of the first movie and novel. It’s intitled Oz, the Great and Powerful and had been directed by Sam Raimi. The four principal characters are interpreted by James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachelle Weisz.

I have seen both of those movies and I like both of them because they are actually very different, the first is a singing movie and it looks to be especially made for a children’s audience but in the second the director has played on the special effects to give a beautiful image.

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  1. The film with Judy Garland is just incredible. I saw it when I was a child… For the second film, I want to see it because a lot of people praise this movie.

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