« I Killed My Mother »

I would like to speak about a great movie, entitled « I Killed My Mother ».

I Killed My Mother is a Quebec autobiographical film (a biopic) written and directed by Xavier Dolan, and released in 2009. Xavier Dolan is a young actor, director, screenwriter and Canadian producer and I Killed My Mother is his first movie. Through this film, Xavier Dolan expresses the conflicting relationship he had with his mother. The film is autobiographical in the sense that the young Quebec uses the cinema, so a fiction, to address a malaise that he really lived and felt in his youth. Indeed, in this film, Hubert Minel (played by Xavier Dolan himself), a young teenager, lives alone with his mother Chantal, and throughout the film, he shows us the degradation of their relationship. This film is a testimony to the relationships that can exist between a mother and her son, and Xavier Dolan is trying to convey a message to his mother. In fact, he tries to express his desire to reconnect with her, resolve conflicts between them. During the film, we realize that this is unfortunately impossible since there is a real gap between them, they are too different. Several shots show Hubert shooting himself and expressing the hatred he feels for his mother and she finds the video and realizes the large amount of conflicting feelings her son can feel for her. We can suggest that the purpose of the film is the same: to show to his mother all he could feel as teenager. This film is very interesting since the director clearly gives his personal vision of the relationship he had with his mother and he told us about his personal experiences during his adolescence (boarding school, homosexuality, etc).

I think this film corresponds to the notion studied because one can say that Xavier Dolan uses the movie theater as a tribune to convey ideas and a retrospective of his life. Through this film, he gives us a part of his private life (as it could have done in a diary). Enjoy !

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