« Just take my heart » , Mary Higgins Clark

If you have read some of my previous articles . You probably already know that I really enjoy thrillers and that my favorite thriller writer is Mary Higgins Clark. So today, I’m sharing with you another book she wrote and that I’ve read which is (as you probably can guess from the title of the article) « Just take my heart ».
Honestly, I didn’t feel like reading it at first because I’m the kind of person who decides to pick a book from the shelf firstly by its title and this one sounded at first like a love story kind of book but since it’s Mary Higgins Clark I thought better and decided to give it a shot and I definitely don’t regret it.
As far as the story is concerned this what I can tell you. Emily Wallace, assistant prosecutor gets the biggest case she’s ever had to face. Natalie Raines a young Brodway star is found dead in her apartment, and immediatly her husband which she was divorcing is suspected. But as we all know there are more than meets the eye, moreover Emily starts to get strange feelings troughout the investigation. Could it be because of her recent heart transplant or a is it just a side effect due to exhaustion ? That only reading the book can give you the answer.
I think like I’m repeating myself if I say that I loved the story but  I still really advise you to try to read this book. Now do you feel like reading it ? Or would you suggest me reading any of her other books because recommendations are gladly taken.

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