Karoo by Steve Tesich

Karoo is the last book written by Steve Tesich, ended a few days before his death on 1996. And that’s a best seller.

The story talks about Saul Karoo who work on cinema. He is separated of his wife and they have an adopted child. And he is a big liar.

One day he discovered he never can’t be drunk so when he go on party he is farseeing of what happens. But he can’t says he can’t be drunk because it will break social balance of society he is on. He has an image to preserve: it would be difficult for him to assume what he is in real

On his work one day someone ask him to check a movie made by a genius and this movie is a work of art. But when he starts to work on this movie he is faced of the mother of his adopted son because she is an actress in this movie. So he decides to meet her and then, he falls in love with her.

I really like this book because it is gentle, cynical, infantile, modest and shifted in writing at the same time.

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