For my dance exam, I chose  the music created for the film « Requiem for a dream » and so I wanted to know more about this story.  I started this book, and I found interesting to tell you about!
Requiem for a Dream is a novel by Hubert Selby, published in 1978 that features characters from the American popular classes is gradually sinking into drug addiction.

The novel follows two main characters in parallel: Harry and his mother Sara, who both will sink into addiction to drugs.
we see the characters more and more addicted, we see the sinking more and more into the adiction and perceive the effects of drugs on the characters more and more present. Reactions vary, the characters move away from quotidient they become unsociable, they are in a vicious circle from which it is very dificult to get out.

Hubert Selby Jr wrote a novel about a subject he masters well. Former drug addict, he knows the world of drugs and knows what it means addiction. In this novel, it deals with two aspects of this kind of product, the well-being and sense of happiness, and power it generates from and pushes consumers to take more and more.
But first effect has the consequence that has been increasingly need the product which is less and less effect and you lose all sense of dignity.

I highly recommend this book, it is harrowing, touching, and really interesting.

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  1. I didn’t read the book but I have watched the movie, it’s a real masterpiece but it’s not… funny ! If you want to see it, don’t fear sadness and despair…

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