The Diary of a Young Girl

As we studied the « I and eye of the author », I decided to talk about one of the most famous book in the world : Anne Frank’s diary.

Even if you have never read this book, you must know who is Anne Frank. She’s a very famous figure of the World War II, because of the diary she wrote when she was hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands. The Diary Of a Young Girl is a testimony of a young Jew : she wrote all of her feelings, how she felt about this war, her lack of affection from her parents, her first « love », how she felt by living isolated from the world.. More generaly, through her diary, we see her grow up in this terrible atmosphere.

Anne Frank was born on the 12 june 1929 in Germany, and died at the age of 15 in the Bergen Belsen’s concentration camp. She gained international fame posthumously after her father, Otto Frank (the only member of the family that survived) discovered her diary when he returned to the Annex and decided to published it.

This book is really interesting because it shows what the youth, at that time, had to deal with. Moreover, I was really surprised of the high degree of maturity Anne had. This diary has nothing to do with history books (which, sometimes, can be annoying), here, we have all of the feelings of this young girl and her thoughts. Some passages are really « beautiful » and moving, because she wrote about her dream of becoming a famous writer and her hopes about the end of this war.

In some parts of the diary, she wrote her worries about one of her closest friend, Hanneli Goslar : she thought that her friend was dying in a concentration camp. And the fact is that Hannah Goslar survived to the Holocaust, and wrote with a journalist a book called Memories Of Anne Frank : Reflections of a Girlhood friend which I had read too. The most moving passage in this book is when Hannah finds Anne in Bergen Belsen (the testimony of Hannah Goslar about her reunion with Anne in Bergen Belsen)
To conclude, both books are really interesting, and you have to read them ! The Diary Of a Young Girl deals more with all the feelings Anne had to go through when she was hiding in the Annex, as Memories Of Anne Frank : Reflections of a Girlhood friend deals more with all the treatments that Jewish people had to undergo.


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  1. I loved this book, and if you have the opportunity, I advise you to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I visited it a few years ago and this museum is very interesting and I save a lot of memories !!

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