Walter Moers children’s books

Walter Moers is a german writer, comics creator and illustrator. We nearly know nothing about him as he is a very secret man and avoid all kind of mediatization. He especially wrote fantasy children’s books that he illustrate by himself.

I read two of them when I was younger and they remain a part of my favorites books as they are full of humour, fantasy and wrote with an incredible dose of imagination: The City of Dreaming Books and Capt’n Bluebear. 

Even if they are rather thick, they are really easy to read and the illustrations are wonderful.

My favorite one is probably The City of Dreaming Books. It tells the story of Hildegunst Taillemythes, a young dragon, apprentice poet and writer. Just before he die, his master give him a strange manuscript with no known author. When he read it, Hildegunst is so spellbind by the quality of the writing that he decide to go searching for the author of this « perfect » manuscript. His quest will lead him until Bouquinbourg, a city where books are alive, can think but also be dangerous for the one who read them, the city of the dreaming books.

There is so much poetryas much on the writing than in the draws that perfectly fits that what you see as a simple children’s book totaly turn you upside down and transports you.

I’ve always like children’s books as they often could be read on two level. Walter Moers ones are a perfect exemple of this fact as even if the basic story completely fits with a children mind, an adult could find in the complete book a certain kind of beauty without finding it complicate to read. We should not denigrate children’s literature that could be a great one if you get rid of all the preconceptions you got.

The sun is coming back, take one of them and get out to read in a great moment of relaxation!

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