An abundance of Katherines, John Green

Hello everybody ! Today, i’m going to speak about a book (really?) which i love ! I hope you are gonna to like it !

An abundance of Katherines is a book (Young adult novel)written in 2006 by John Green, an American author famous with « The faults in our Stars » released in 2014. John green was helped by Daniel Biss, his friend and an American mathematician for wirte the complex equations made by the main character.

It’s the story of a seventeen year-old boy, Colin Singleton, a prodigy who felt in love Nineteen times. And the Nineteen times , the girl was called Katherine. Not Kat, Katie, Kittie, Cathy and ESPECIALLY NOT Catherine but K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E ! And… Nineteen times he was dumped !(Poor Boy !)

He doesn’t understand why he is so unlucky ..As he is pretty (Or rather excellent!) good at maths, he decided to create some Theorems to solve his problems. Because he is prodigy he hasn’t lot of friends except Hassan ! After graduating from high-school, with Hassan, he made a trip in car to change his ideas and met Lyndsey Lee Wells, a charming woman. Will manage he to find love ?

I love this book because it’s a little bit funny, and the story is very interresting.

How and when i read this book ? Firstly i had read « The faults in our Stars » the most famous book of John Green and then i decided to read the others books of him ! (And finally i love!!)

What I like in this book ? In fact, John Green make us like the personnality of Colin although he is a prodigy and little bit pretentious at time, contrary to Hassan who is very lazy ! The love situation of Colin is very incredible, there are many equations in the book even if i’m VERY bad in maths, there is any problem to understand the book!(and fortunately!!)

Have you ever read this book ? And did you like ?


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