Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dhal

this book was written by Roald Dhal and published by Alfred.A Knopf in 1964. The book tells the story of the little charlie bucket, charlie lives with his family in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. One day, charlie goes to a store to buy a chocolate bar, the seller does not give him any chocolate bar… it is a chocolate bar of the very famous and incredible inventor mr.Wonka. And in this chocolate bar, charlie find a golden ticket who will allow him to visit the famous chocolate factory of the master confectioner mister Wonka.

I wont go further because for me Charlie and the chocolate factory is a novel which have to be read by everyone to fell like a child again. As for as i know, it is a great and it’s my very first book i have read. Everything in the book give you the desire to eat chocolate. From the beginning to the end, the book will transport you into the biggest chocolate in the world unfortunately which doesn’t exist in real life. All the characters are touching, they have got their own personalities that allow us us to identify with them. Finally, i will end my speech here. Enjoy your reading !

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  1. I am a huge fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, either the book or the movie! It reminds me my chilhood ahah, I also wanted to have a pony… But I digress, that’s another story ahah. I have read the book and watch the movie so many times! I can only recommend it 😉

  2. After reading this book, I was the one who thought sticking a chewing gum behind my ear was a great idea…after discovering that hair stuck in gum wasn’t that easy to wash. Good lesson of life!

  3. Alex, i think so too.. If you want, i offer you a poney for christmas. I will be happy to do that for you 😀
    Rachel, I will never ask you to give me a chewing gum ! and i’m agree with you, it’s a very good lesson for all 🙂

  4. the first time I look the movie I find this story very interessant and funny. It’s very moving because the main character is poor and in the movie this character becomes « rich » finding a golden ticket. this movie is very pleasant to watch multiple times.

  5. I read the book when I was a little kid, but I remember it like it was yesterday! I was a huge fan of this world (and I still am). And after that, I became a huge fan and a huge lover of Johnny Depp haha. Whatever, I wants to thanks Mr Burton for having made a great job about the movie.

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