Hunger Games

Hunger Games 

I am going to talk about my favourite book: Hunger Games. It’s a triology of books named Hunger game, Hunger games catching fire and Hunger Games the mockingjay. They have been written by Suzanne Collins. But here I just want to present te first, the blurb is:

After a nuclear war, the worl is divided in thrirteen district and citizen by the Capitol and all of the essential resources are shared. But a rebellion was organized by the thrirteen district , they where massacred by the government and this last one decides to do games to hold in place the fear and avoid any new confrontation with the district. All year a tribute male and female between twelve and eighteen years are choose in all of the twelve district to fight for their life in an arena and all it’s at the television: just one can be win, one words dominates SURVIVE. We follow a young girl named Katniss who live in the poorest disctrict the twelfth, she had a little sister called Primrose. When she heard the name of her sister just aged of twelve years, Katniss decides to be volunteer for the seventy-four Hunger Games. Helped by Peeta Melark the baker’s son they are going to try to survive beteween powerful enemies and the fury of the Capitol.

Suzanne Collins is an american writer, she was born in 1962 in the Connecticut. She doesn’t was famous before the Hunger Games saga who gives to her a impressive fame. Four films are adapted by her novel and billions fans have seen the three first ones.

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  1. I didn’t read the books of Hunger Game but I see the first movie and I don’t very like the movie but you explain well the story and I think that I will interest about the books for see if I like it !

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