Hi ! For my first article, I want to talk about one of my favorite author, who is Jack Kerouac. More precisely, I’m going to talk about the Lonesome Traveler, published in 1960.
This book, I read one year ago, is pretty typical of the beat generation. Indeed, it deals about travelling, wandering and so on. It’s a collection of short stories, travels through the road of America and Europe. Here, we are following the life of Jack Kerouac, a railroder who lives on the fringes of society. He makes us discover the America of fifties, Mexico, New York, Paris, the UK, with his point of view, which may be ironical, accusing but always interesting.
In spite of the long sentences for the descriptions (it can extend over two pages) which could be boring from time to time, we are never tired of reading the beat generation’s master. A far as I am concerned, I particulary love his way to describe his life: on a train, as a cook on a ship, at the top of a mountain, in the New York of the deep beat generation. Moreover, he always got the right word to catch his readers’s interest and I that’s what makes a very good writer.
To conclude, I will end with one of my favortite phrase of the book “Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream”.

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