Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly one of the most famous works of English literature, written by playwright William Shakespeare in 16th century. Romeo and Juliet were already two characters that existed; they are appeared with Luigi da Porta, Masuccio of Novellino and Matteo Bandello. But it’s the play of Shakespeare that made Romeo and Juliet two famous characteres in all over the world. Romeo and Juliet appeared in 1597. It’s a romantic-tragedy, a drama in five acts.
The story takes places in Verona, it’s an old town in Italy. The story relates about two feuding families in Verona : Montague and Capulet. They were always in conflicts for the distant and forgotten reasons. Their conflicts In this famillies, they’re two young people : Romeo, a young man of 16 years old, he naive man, he is describ like night , solitary and cold. On the other side : Juliet, a young woman of 14 years old, she is too naive and pure woman, she is describ by Romeo like day, like a sun, bright and wonderful. The two characters fall in love and they brave their famillies and they loved until the death.
It’s a beautiful story of love and tragedy. They are naive, because they are young and they believe in  their love until the death and this love is so pure. But we feel all along the story, the presence of the death who turn around of the couple and we know the end from the beginning.
It’s a universal story about love, death and about human nature.

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  1. It’s a classic of course! Everybody knows this play !! But i haven’t read it..(Although i know it !). It’s indeed a tragic love story with romance, sadness, it’s must be a very good story! But i know there are a lot of screen adaptation about that , and also a musical comedy ! It’s famous in all around the world ! 🙂
    I didn’t know that the characters of Romeo and Juliet were appeared with differents authors as Shakespeare !!
    Your article is very complete, and we learned many things about the play !
    Good job 🙂

  2. A big classic of literature, the book is really interesting to read, but did you watch movies or theatrical versions ? It’s beautiful to watch also ! 🙂

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