Still Alice

Hi ! Today I’m going to talk to you about the book Still Alice of Lisa Genova. It’s her first novel and it’s published in 2007. This woman is an American neuroscientist and author, she writes fiction. This book was so much loved by the readers, that it won several prize and was adapted to the cinema.

The book talks about a woman, Alice Howland, who is a brilliant professor of psychology and linguistics. She loves her life, that she shares between university, her researches, her journeys and her husband. But while she’s going to celebrate her 50 years, the first symptoms of disease appear. At first memory lapses, then she gets lost in her own district. The diagnosis falls : she has the Alzheimer’s disease. Little by little her state degrades, but she’s going to try of oversteer.

I loved a lot this book. Even if it was only the fiction, I find it very realistic. And the relation between Alice and her husband is very beautiful, in spite of the disease, he continues to love her and helps her to fight her disease.

I recommend this book to everybody who likes this kind of story

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