Ten Little Niggers

This book is a thriller written by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) and publised in england in 1939. She is a famous english writer, she write famous books like «Murder on the orient express» or «Curtain: Poirot’s last case». The action takes place before 1940 during the summer. Ten guest have landed on a mysterious island (called the island of negro because its shape look like a black head), they are all the main characters. All of us be invited by different means but mostly by some one called U.N Owen which can translate in «unknown», they are  different ages and they do not know each other. As they arrived the owner of the island is not here, they are alone. At the night a disk is placed on a gramophone and a voice accused them to have done different crimes. After one of them died by suffocation after drank a wisky, but is not an accident, mercury was placed on his glass. Then the crimes continue, they died one by one but these crimes concord with a song placed each room, and statues who were on the table in the dining room disapear when one of them dies. Gradually we learn about each stories

I really appreciated the book he is really harrowing, the end is surprising and very intelligent. We know how, when, where and why the killer killed his victim. It is besides an inovante and spectacular ending, that inspired many writer. The plot of this book is placed on a real song written by Frank Green called also named ten little niggers. Agatha Christie written other books with the same plot, a real sing like “Five little pigbut he the most famous but he stay the most known of all, that’s why actually this thriller is the most sold in the world.

Obviously I will not tell you the end if some of person want to read him. Anyway I advice it, is a popular novel most of you know the history but if you do not have read it, it’s a short novel you can read it quickly and the history is poignantly.

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