The mortal instruments am going to talk about a book which is the first volume to the serie “The Mortal Instruments” entitled “City of Bones”. It is written in 2006 by Cassandra Clare:

The book at was adapt to a movie: “The Mortal Instruments” and it will be adapted in series: “Shadowhunter”. Cassandra Clare written six book to series “Mortal Instruments”. This book tell the story of Clary Fray. In a nightclub, Clary see a group of teenargers to his age kill a man! And which the body disappears under his eyes! And she alone person can see the group of teenargers. And its is not finish, the next day this mother, Jocelyne disappears and Clary is attacked by a deamons! She will have found his mother apparently abducted by a bad shadow hunter: Valentin.

The character:

  • Clary Fray: She is the heroïne. She is fifteen years old. This father was dead befor that birth and she raised by this mother . She is a ordinary teenergers. She like draw and read. She is very attracted by Jace.



  • Simon lewis: He is a best friend and childhood friend. He is a geek. He seems interested by Isabelle. He is very attached at Clary.


  • Jace Wayland: He is a shadow hunter. He is very strong but he is a little pretentious. And he is attracted by Clary too.




  • Alec Lightwood: He is a shadow hunter. He is a big brother of Isabelle. He love in secretly Jace.

  • Isabelle Lightwood: She is a shadow hunter. She is a little sister of Alec and she little interested by Simon.

  • Hodge Starkweather: He is a shadow hunter. He is a teacher of Jace, Alec ans Isabelle.


  • Luke Garroway: He is as a oncle or a father for Clarry. They are very close. He is a childhood friend of Jocelyne.


  • Magnus Bane: He is a wizard. He is extravagant. He is very, very interested by Alec. He know Jocelyne. He know Clary since long time but her, she know him (he is my favorite character).

  • Jocelyne Fray: She is a Clary’s mother. She don’t like anything related by the fantasy and she very protective with Clary. She is a childhood friens of Luke and she know Magnus.

To conclude, this book is very intersting. And I have realy like it. The fantasy is good represent. There in full of suspense and rebound.

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