Thomas more was a politician and humanist. Chancellor in 1529, he abandoned this charge in 1532, because he disapproved the rupture of Henri VIII with a pape. He was imprisoned in 1535, sentenced to death and decapitated. He published a lot of novel, especially a politic and social in Latin appointed « UTOPIA » in 1515-1516. »UTOPIA » is a book in two parts : In the first place, we have a dialogue between author and a friend retourning from travel and they ask a lot of politics and social questions of the time they have addressed. Still, the parts two, reveals the fiction because the traveler clearly stated he discovered an island is call « UTOPIA » and speaks of Thomas MORE. « UTOPIA » is a word wrought by Thomas MORE which means « ideal world ». This book was a great description for notion of « UTOPIA »,I like this book because it’s interesting adventure.

Une réflexion au sujet de « Utopia »

  1. It’s a good point buddy, but i have a simple question for you. What do you think from the perspective of Thomas More ? Are you ok with him ? What is your point of view about his « perfect life » ? 😉

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