Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a drama based on the books of Winston Groom which was published in 1986. This book will be adapted into a film and realized by Robert Zemeckis and cinema released in 1994. Tom Hanks embodies the character of Forrest Gump
This film is about the U.S.A history between 1950 and 1980 through the eyes of the main character: Forrest Gump, a defective man. The beginning of the film is a scene with Forrest Gump sitting on a seat waiting the bus. In this seat Forest will meet a lot of different persons to whom he will tell his life… Since his childhood when he was the scapegoat of his classmates to the moment he will be billionaire. Forrest Gump will be American football champion, American football champion, a university graduate, soldier during the Vietnam War, table tennis champion in the American military team in the Olympics, exceptional marathon ( he ran without stopping for more than three years), and shrimp boat captain. Located at the heart of the U.S.A history main events he is one of the key players in this area…
I really liked this film because the characters are very touching and realistic. Historical facts are taught us and I find it very well. I recommend it a lot !

Aldous Huxley ~ « Brave New World »,1932

« Brave New World » is a novel of science- fiction by the British author : Aldous Huxley (1894-1963); It’s just a fiction novel : the author imagine what will the world in 2050.

In Aldous Huxley’s « Brave New World » (1932), genetic engineering and conditioning have eradicated pain, old, age and emotions.bred in bottles, babies are predestined to their various functions in society as they are divided into five groups : Apha, Bêta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon (they each have their characteristic).Everyone is controlled through their minds. So every one is « happy » until an outsider comes and disrupts the order of society.the author have created a terrifying world ,babies are created with a line work. Aldous Huxley believed in progress through spiritual life rather than through science. this is why Brave New World is a dystopia about the condition scientific.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a famous novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. The story is about Dr Jekyll who is a nice man, very appreciate of everyone, great friend of Mr Utterson (a london notary), and Mr Hyde, a monstrous man, with a scary and repulsive face.
In this novel full of suspense, Mr Hyde is the double personality of Dr Jekyll who created a drug to separate his good side of his bad side. But it didn’t work and night after night it’s Hyde who takes over.

I love the stories with suspense and when a character have a dark side, so I really love the plot!

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde also been adapted in cinema, in theater, on TV, in comics, in songs and into video games.,204,203,200_.jpg


Fahrenheit 451


Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction novel written by Ray Bradbury (who is an American writter) and published in 1953. This novel is in fact a dystopian novel. It’s strange because ,here, the firemen doesn’t put out the fire, but they light up. The main character is Guy Montag a firefighter which has books, although it’s forbidden by the Law. In this book, the population is only distracted by watching TV, or driving their cars at full speed. But despite these distractions, we understand that people don’t feel well; they attempt suicide, but they don’t remember it.


Fahrenheit 451 was adapted into a movie in 1966 by a French filmmaker François Truffaut.



Chappie is an American and Mexican film directed by Neil Blomkamp, released in March 2015.

We are in a futuristic period, in a city where criminality is the most reported: Johannesburg. Robotic force patrolls are created to deal with these lawbreakers and assure to keep the city prosperous. Deon, an employee of the company, is working on a secret creation of his own: to be able to insert a memory card in a robot capable of giving to the robot a real conscious. It would have feelings of his own, to be able think and decide of his actions. A robot called no 22, is pointed out in the first scenes: he is destroyed he is on every single mission, not a lucky one I suppose. He is at the end sent to be crushed in a pile of robots. Deon creeps into that room and picks him up, he is chosen to test his experience. On the way home, he is attacked by a couple named Ninja (Waktin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi (Yolandi Visser) they squat an unoccupied factory and deal with drugs and all sorts of illegal doings… he is forced to pull up at there « home ». Ninja dreams of having one of these robots for his own and while Chappie (his conscious name) is growing, he will try to train him as being a gangster.  Even by the protection of Yolandi and Deon, Chappie will be torn between a child innocently discovering the world and himself and the toxic behaviour and treatement Ninja imposes him. After being caught several times commiting criminal acts (he doesn’t realise what he is doing) the robot company considers him like a potential criminal and decides to destroy Chappie. Vincent (another employee) has possession of a giant robot connects human consciousness to machines with a helmet,and sets off to kill them all.What he doesn’t know is that Deon has one of those helmets and will try to transfer Chappie’s conciousness into a new robot body so he would live much longer. Will he succeed? Are they going to face Vincent ant his monster and survive? I will propose you to watch and find out!

I really found this film amazing because I love science fiction and the theme of human feelings and concsiousness, a really good idea. I find it really good to put in a touching film that is based on robots, who are cold and emotionless. And it astonished me to find two popular singers as actors aswell (olandi and Waktin).

Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

I will speak of the novel Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins wrote. It is divided into three volumes and tells the survival of twelve boys and twelve girls. The main character is Katniss Everdeen, is accompagnied bye Peeta Mellark, they must survive together in a reality TV game called « Hunger Games ». The entire population has the obligation to watch the Hunger Games Live, so they see people die. This novel is interesting, it is full of suspense, this is of course science-fiction but i suggest you read this novel, especially for those who love the fight and confrontation! … See you soon my readers and enjoy reading!

« Confusion » by Cat Clarke.

After to be non-fiction author, the British Cat Clarke dedicates himself to literature for young adults. Her first novel, Confusion was published in 2012 and was a great success in England.

This novel presents a daughter called Grace, aged 17, who have a bestfriend, Sal and a boyfriend, Nat. She wakes up trapped in an all white room where is a table with paper and pens.

The same night she decided to commit suicide, but Grace meet for the first time Ethan. After a bottle of vodka as a last meal, she wakes up trapped in a mysterious white room with the young man for goaler. He brings her paper and pens to writing the meanders of her life.

Grace writte in the paper this sentence : “That’s when I’m alone that doubt intrudes, it’s like that for years. As long as I am surrounded, I can pretend that all is well. But I need the public to play comedy. Otherwise it does not. Only, I’m not so easily deceived”.

As the days pass, we understand the desperation that drove Grace to want to take her own life. She opens the veins since she was 15 years old, regularly drunk and sleeps with every boys she meets. His father who abandoned her missing it, and she is angry against her cold and distant mother. Grace confides in the papers her dreams, while his stay drags on.

Gradually, his questions are answered, and she is about to know the end of history of her story’s life.

Confusion, is a disturbing book, full of feelings, challengring because it’s the story of a girl who is struggling to “feel”. This novel is really inspires about the real life. To read it, we must have the heart hung and do not do like Grace.

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Hello everybody !

Tooday I’m going to talk you about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Here is a little blurb.

            In a dark future, on the ashes of United States, a TV game is created to control people by terror. Twelve boys and twelve girls are random draw and must participate to this sinister reality show, that everybody have to watch in live. There is only one rule in the arena : to survive, whatever the price.

When her little sister is called to participate to the Hunger Games, Katniss don’t hesitate and take her place, aware of the danger. She’s sixteen but she has to the death escaped yet. For her, to survive is like a second nature.

Suzanne Collins’s trilogy won thousands youngs everywhere in the world. Both a critic of a society rule by money and a call to revolt, the post apocalyptic novel managed to touch young people intend to a dark future (between unemployment and failure). Add to this a gasping story and you’ll have a best-seller.

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Oliver Twist


Today I will talk about Oliver Twist. This is the second novel by Charles Dickens after The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club and published in 1837. This book is based on an autobiographical story published a few years ago.

The story tale place in England in the nineteenth century. In this novel, it’s about Oliver Twist, a young orphan raised in a workhouse, where he and other orphans are treated very bad. One day, after being nominated by his comrades, Oliver request an additional portion of oatmeal, because they are very hungry. Following this act, Oliver is placed with an undertaker to work, as punishment. Oliver decides to escape from this place and bound for London. He meets Jack in a street, je is at the head of a gang of pickpockets. He takes her to his boss, Fagin …

I enjoyed this novel, in fact I think it deals with realistic and touching way the living conditions of poor people and especially orphans during the Victorian era.

into the wild

« Into the wild » is a novel writted by Jon Krakauer in 1996 and adapted in movie by Sean Penn in 2007.

This book is a biographic novel who related the life of Christopher Jonhson McCandless, a young man , just graduate. This young man decided to left the civilisation and to lives alone in Alaska, regardless of the danger that represents. He mets some people who helped him to reach his goal. He passed 2 years lonesome in the wild but finally dies to intoxication.

On the beginning of each chapter, there are a short passage of poetry like Lord Byron or an extract of an other novel likes « White Fang » of Jack London. All of this extract talks about the relation human/nature.

Into the wild is my favourite book, because it shows how the civilation shoud be more dangerous than nature , and how many the humans relations cant be important for shared some point of view. For the film, I find it really amazing because the nature’s picture are very beautiful and it’s faithful of the original story.

The fault in our stars – John Green

Hey guys ! I’m going to speak about a famous book (i’m sure you know it ! ) which is also adapted to the cinema.

It’s The fault in our Stars , a Young adult novel/ realistic fiction , written in 2012 by the American John Green and later , released in 2014 to the cinema. It’s the sixth Novel after “Looking for Alaska” and too “An abundance of Katherines”. It was a best seller in the world ! (I’m serious !).

It’s the most famous book of John Green now. Do you know that the title of the book is inspired by Act 1 , scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar ? ( “The faults , dear Brutus is not in our stars ! But in ourselves, that we are underlings”)

It’s the story of a sixteen-years old girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster ,who has a serious disease : Thyroïd Cancer. She is seriously sick and must have a cannula with an oxygen cylinder to breathe.

Her Mother wants her to go to a support group “the literal heart of Jesus”. She met Augustus Waters, a seventeen-years old boy, who is an Amputee because he is suffering from a very serious disease too. He is here to support his bestfriend, Isaac, who is blind. Hazel and Augustus become friends immediately!

Hazel love a book “An imperial affliction” written by Peter Van Houten , and one day she decided to lend it to Augustus. It’s the story of a girl who is suffering from a cancer too, like them.But there is any conclusion… Augustus love this novel and as he wants to know what’s happen next ( like hazel! ) , he write a mail to the author and hope that he is going to answer.. It’s the beginning of a beautiful story of love and friendship between Hazel and Augustus.


It’s a sad story because it’s about 2 teenagers who suffer from cancer, and they know they are going to die, Hazel said she is a “grenade” , she can explode at any time !

John Green is an excellent writer and make of it a beautiful story with love, friendship, humor, it’s just amazing !

When I read this book ? It’s the first book I read, written by John Green, and personally I love !

I saw the movie and it is really close to the story of the book ! It’s a good screen adaptation! I recommended it to you ! I have no preference between the movie and the novel….

Have you read the book or saw the movie ? Have you a preference ? And did you like it ?

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The picture of Dorian Gray is a novel written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1890. Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde is a Irish writer. He lived in 19 century. His literary movement aesthetics and the picture of Dorian Gray is perfect example. It deals with the beauty, art, youth and morals. The Picture of Dorian Gray has been adapt in theater, literature, cinema …
The story tells about Dorian Gray is a young man, it’s an aristocrat, who is describe like a beautiful and naive man. One day, Dorian meet Lord Henry, he is a friend of Basil Hallward , Hallward is a famous painter who is fascinate about Dorian’s beauty, and he decides to make a picture of Dorian Gray, because for him, Dorian Gray represents the purity and the perfection. But Lord Henry have a bad influence in Dorian, because Dorian Gray is seduce by Lord Henry’s theories of Beauty and pleasure of the life.
Dorian Gray fascinates Hallward and he influences him for his paint, but when he meet Lord Henry, Dorian Gray is admire his thougts, because Lord Henry is a good orator and Dorian Gray a naive boy, believes in theories of Lord Henry and he tries to follow them. Lord Henry raises awareness about Dorian Gray’s beauty, because himself doesn’t know. At this moment, Dorian Gray fears to age and he wishs that the picture ages at his place, because the beauty is ephemeral. And the picture becomes to age at the place of Dorian Gray, So Dorian becomes narcissistic and he take the pleasure of the life, and he causes so many people in his fall. During in his life the picture ages and reflets his dark soul, because Dorian Gray hasn’t any moral.
The picture of Dorian Gray is a novel about the psychologie who shows the elegance of human and his painting reveals the dark part of human.

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

    Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. This is  gothic literature.

    The scene takes place in London at night. The hero of the story is Dr.Jekyll, he wants to shows everybody have opposite forces inside themself, a kind of alter-ego. For this, he creates potion for separete the good side from his dark side. He wants to get ride his evil part. After drinking the potion Dr.Jekyll become an other people, ugly, strange and vigourous men. Mr.Hyde is born, this is the name of dark side from Dr.Jekyll. The doctor shows his reflection in mirror but is not really himself is evil part of himself but he accepte that. The hero is facinate by the image of Mr.Hyde. But along this story we can see, Mr.hyde takes a big place in a life of Dr.Jekyll and the evil part become dangerous for familly and friends of doctor.

    I really like this this story because there are suspence, murder, blood and the reader  wants to know what going to happen. Caracters are very special and atypic, the story is very interesting.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland

I’m going to talk about Alice’s adventures in wonderland,

This book was written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenniel, 2 famous English men. This fantastic novel published in 1865.

It’s about Alice, a young children who waking up in wonderland, first she is trying to catch a white rabbit who says that it is late. Thanks to this extract, she is meeting the cat « dina » it represent the passage of the reality to the fiction. She is also meeting lot of strange people and strange things like the « red queen » who is a nasty woman who plays to games card, it’s a famous passage of this book. In the Alice’s wonderland everything is very strange. In fact, we can interpret these adventures as we want it’s can be Alice’s dreams.

It’s a world where the logic has been abandoned benefit of madness, it’s a surrealist world very colored who is become almost nightmarish.

After this very famous fantastic novel, there were lot of video games, movies, musics etc.. about it. In particular a tim burton’s adaptation with Jonny Deep and a older adaptation by Walt Disney who is the most famous of all and for everyone.

Good reading everybody !



It’s Halloween week and I wanted to speak about one of my favorite monster of this season : Vampires !

  Vampires have an important place inside the pop culture, they are shemering, captivating, terrifying and very interesting. 

 Poeple have developed a kind of fascination for vampire because this myth is really mysterious. We don’t know when this myth began but he was made famous in Europe in 1725 during a war opposing the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, two austrian soldiers named Amold Paole and Peter Plogojowitz must have come back after their death in vampire to haunt the villages of Medvegia and Kisiljevo.

The most popular vampire is that of Bram Stoker’s epistolary novel called : Dracula

This Gothic novel went of 1897 and it’s written by Bram Stoker.

The story is about Jonathan Haker a young notary which is sent in Transylvania to meet a new affluent customer. This customer is a new owner of an area in London. Jonathan discovers a country really mysterious and the residents warms the notary against a dangerous man named Dracula. 

Jonathan is received by this Dracula wich proves that he be a gracious host, but after a moment Jonathan is going to see that his mail is monitored and his doors closed behind him.This earl is simply a dangerous vampire who empty their victims of their blood, a vampire who has no reflect and a vampire who is going to haunt the London’s streets.


« I’ll never ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself »

Nightcrawler is an American thriller written and directed by Dan Gilroy. The movie was released in 2014, The film features journalistic reports and all its derivatives.

Lou bloom a young men without job who steal and sells, we only know he spends his days on his computer, he think all information you need for your life can be found in the internet. We know nothing about his past. In the movie, he shoot accidents, murder, all that can be shocking and sell his images to daily information. This character is performed by Jake Gyllenhall. The attention of the film is centered around him, it becomes detestable his expressions are scary and fascinating. He does not hesitate to staging to have better picture. During progresses of the plot , he wants to control everybody who can be useful to improve his work. He do not hesitate to uses personnal information to do blackmail. Allowing it to have job he can define itself his salary. This character is sick, unstable but facinating.

To me this is a movie to see the night, there is a very dark atmosphere and best scenes happens during the night. I recommend this kind of movies that makes feel full of emotion without need incredible special effects.


Hi everyone !

I’m going to speak about Hamlet a great tragedy written by Shakespeare. This work was written between 1599 and 1602 when Queen Elisabeth 1st was alive.

Hamlet is the main character of this theater play, he is the Prince of Denmark, we have as well his father (a ghost) and the uncle (Claudius). Shakespeare is also appears to be inspired by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus’s medieval Scandinavian tale called Gesta Danorum or Historia Danica of choice.

I like this story because tragedy is the root of the actual horror story in cinema and in litterature. It’s very moving and malicious at the same time. Hamlet play the role of mental patient in the play of this tragedy for make his uncle believe that he is not bright, and kills him for revenge his father ! So cool !

If you have liked this onset you can write a review and if you will read this story I can lend this book in english ! ;D

Romeo and Juliet

Hi everybody !

I’m going to speak about the great story of love : Romeo and Juliet ! This story was written by Shakespeare in 1595 or in 1596. It’s a romantic tragedy, a beautiful romantic tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet are the mighty lovers in this story, a lot of people knows this relationship. The mighty lovers are teenagers, their families hates theirselves and a feud breaks out. Shakespeare is also appears to be inspired by the Arthur Brook’s poem (3.000 lines narratives) called The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet written in 1562.

I like this story. This work is very interesting because we have a beautiful love story between hatred and pressures of family. Although murders and the tragic end it’s a great story full of love and honour.

If you have liked this article you can write a review ! 🙂

Another time ! ;D

the host

The host

The Host is a science fiction and romance novel, written by stéphenie Meyer, and published in 2008. The book talk about a new world on earth where the aliens took control of everything. they killed most of the humans.They enter into their body and they dominate the earth. There is some survivor, but one of them, Melanie Stryder, will be catch, however her mind will stay when « the soul » ( that’s how the aliens call themselves) entered
into her body, and we will follow her adventures all along the novel.                                         The movie was made in 2013.

I found the story so beautiful, i liked the mix of romance and sci fi. i learned many things thanks to that, first, it is important to stay open minded, and not to reject the difference. And second, family is one of the most important thing on earth. This novel has a very deep sense and the characters are so appealing. i love the relationship between Melanie and Gabbie, (the soul inside of her) , and especially at the end when they said ; « my sister » together. I cried a lot at this moment…

Dr Who !

 Dr Who is a British series of Syfy created by Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson. Dr Who is the longuest world series, she has 813 episodes and is still in production.

This series follows the adventures of « The Doctor « . He travels in time and space on board the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). It is often accompanied by young women who are her friends. (Rose, Clara, .. ).He fights to save the planet from attacks of its worst enemies, the daleks, and other extraterrestrial. When the Dr is mortally casualty, it can regenerate and thus change appearance and sometimes personality, this is why this series has forteen doctor.

Throughout the series the name’s Doctor is not said.  

My favorite Doctor is the thirteenth, the actor is Matt Smith. This Doctor meet Emy Pound, Clara and lot of other caracter. I love this program because it refers to the problems of our society in a world extraterrestrial surrounded and threatened by the conflicts of the time war.

This serie is the best serie ever !


The Walking Dead

Everyone must know The Walking dead as the famous series but in fact, you should know that it is a famous comic-book created by Robert Kirman and Tomy Moore in october 2003. The story shows us how a sheriff’s deputy named Rick Grimes try to survive in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world with his family and friends. Still existing right now, The walking dead’s comic is one of the most influential comic of his generation with 24 volumes to his credit. The success of the comics have brought the creation of a TV show named also “The walking dead” adapted by Frank Darabont in 2010.

The walking dead show made its debut on AMC (which is a satellite television channel) on October 31st 2010. Since then, we can say that the show is the same that a movie experience.

The comics (such as the TV show) is a post-apocalyptic series focused on survivors. Some people can think that is only about zombie, but it’s more than that. Indeed, The walking dead is centered on the primary character of Rick Grimes. He is a sheriff’s deputy who wakes up from a coma after a shot in his body. He wakes up in an abandoned hospital. He discovers that everything he had know, is gone. And the world is now surrounded by zombies. Rick journeys to a safe zone in Atlanta determined to find his wife Lori and her son Carl. That’s the starting point of the story.

In my view, The walking dead is one of the greatest comic story and serie of the decade (with the tv show Breaking Bad). All mains characters have something to show about their personality. That’s why, I think, we love them.


Freedom Writers





Freedom Writers is a dramatic comedy film directed by Richard LeGravenese in 2006. It is an adaptation from the book « The Freedom Writers Diary : How A Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing To Change Themselves And The World Around Them » by its full name. This book and this movie are based from a real story written by Erin Gruwell and her pupils. The film were graduate by the Humanity Prize.

Erin Gryell, a 23 young english teacher had choosen for his first job a high school of Long Beach in Los Angeles. The pupils of her class don’t care about learning and she decided to pull themselves together. Thanks to her involvment, she gradually managed, with tact and humor to make her pupils appreciating school and gave them her taste for writing.

I’ve seen this movie when i was younger and it marked me thanks to the moral that is released, besides, I think it was the good opportunity to talk about it here. I like the fact that the movie is based to a real story although sometimes i’ve found the film was a little bit cliché, overoptimistic. I’ve never seen a moment when the teacher had wanted to give up, she is always cheerful and strong-willed. For my part, even if i’ve found some weak points, you should see the movie or read the book because it can be an example in your life, and thanks to the boudless optimism, it can motivate you to take initiatives. Lastly, i think it is a beautiful lesson of life.

Gone Girl

Hey everyone.

I’m going to talk about one of the last books I’ve read : Gone Girl. You may have already heard this title, and I think it is because the adaptation was released a few months ago. I really enjoyed to read this book. The story is really taking, and there is so much suspense. Until you have not read the last page, you cannot be sure of what happened.

Here is a little blurb :

Gone Girl is a novel written by Gillain Flynn and released on september ; 22, 2014. It tells the story of a young couple, who seem to have a wonderful and dreamed life. Effectively, Amy and Nick form a model couple. But it is only a facade… Because of Nick’s joblessness and the financial crisis, they had to leave NY. Although Amy choose to follow Nick in Missouri, she had something else behind her head. So, one day after work, Nick found out their home in a miserable state. Indeed, furnitures were overturned, windows and doors were broken, and there was blood in the floor. Moreover, he couldn’t find his wife. What would have happened to her ?

Obviously, police will consider Nick as a potential suspect, and proofs will not clear him. For his part, he will try to discover the truth. But it turned out it is not that easy.

If you also want to find the truth and make justice to Nick, do not hesitate to read the book! It’s incredible addictive, once you started to read you can’t stop, i swear aha. BUT, as much as I loved this story, I hated the end ! It’s completely impossible, this is isane. Nobody would react like that if he had lived this, I think. So yes, the way that the book ends made me really disapointed…

And if you don’t especially like to read, you can watch the movie adaptation with the same name.

But i have to inform you that the book and the movie are quite different. Especially in the end. I won’t spoil you but like i always say, it’s better to read the book first (which is decidely more complete) and then to watch the movie!

Do not hesitate to tell me if you already read the book or watched the movie, or if you’re going to !

Address Unknown by Kressmann Taylor.



I’m going to talk about a book I read and studied in middle school, but who really touched me.

Address Unknown is a novel written by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor and published in 1938. But the french edition was only released in 2002.
It is an epistolary novel who tells the story of Martin Schulze and Max Eisenstein. Both are friends and workmates : they handle an art gallery in San Francisco. One day, Martin decided to come back in Germany. But as he wanted to stay in touch with his friend and his gallery, they started a correspondence by mail. Through those letters, Max will tell Martin that he feels alone without him and Martin will answer that he feels the same, and he will describe what Germany became which he will qualify as a mess. During this time, Germany is assigned a new leader, and not least, Hitler. That’s when their relationship will be gradually deteriorate since Max is jewish unlike Martin. Martin will be more and more influenced by nazism and will not hesitate to tell Max. He will even end by considering him as a « subrace » when he will reach a new rank in Hitler’s army. Furthermore he will put an end to their correspondence and therefor to their friendship. In spite of those warnings, Max will send him a letter within he explains that he is worried because he has sent a letter to his sister, who is currently in germany, but the letter has returned with the mention « adress unknown ». Also he will ask him to make sure his sister, also jewish, is fine. Instead of reassuring him, Martin will tell him that his sister messed up by coming to his place while she was running away from the authority, so he denounced her. He added that she was probably dead at this time. As a consequence, Max will be very angry and will ask for revenge. Conscious of the censure, he will send a lot of letters to Martin, inventing him a jewish family and writting with some kind of codes to make the authority believe that he is not in Hitler’s side.

If you want to know what will happen in the end, do not hesitate to read the book!!!

I consider this book as one of my favorites. Despite a small number of pages, the story is touching and interesting. Moreover, the epistolary form changes from what we are used to read!

the 100

It’s a novel, with three volumes, writes by Kass Morgan and published in 2013. This novel was adapted in series, with only (at the moment) 2 seasons. It’s a science-fiction novel.

During an atomic war on the Earth, 4000 people protected themselves on a big space station called  » The Arc « . The Arc helped the people to survive during 100 years, and people of the Arc were called « sky people », they created their own justice which is not a justice, even if everybody aggred with it. But one day there was a lack of oxygen. The 100 prisoners of the Arc were chosen to go to visit the Earth, to know if there is a possible life. All the prisoners wear a watch connected to the Arc, if one of them dies, the Arc knows it. Are they going all to survive? If yes, how? Will they be alone on the Earth?

« I was born in space, I never felt the sun on my face or breathed the real air »

The Help

I’m gonna  talk about one of my favorite book : The Help  written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009.

The scene takes place at Jakson in Mississippi in 1960s, it was one of the most violent State during the segregation in United States.

There are three main characters : Aibileen, a Black housemain who is 53 years old and who raises children of white families ; Minnie, an other housemaid who is most rebel than Aibileen ; and Skeeter, a young White woman who realised inequity whose Black people are victims.Skeeter who has follows journalim’s studies decides to wrtite a book composed of housemaids’ testimonials on their life, their work, how are their relation with White people. Each chapter has a point of view different, sometimes that Aibileen, sometimes Minnie and sometimes Skeeter. Other characters like Hilly, a White woman, show us the mentality and beliefs of the time like the fact of Black people are dirty and they have most diseas than Wite.

This book is one of my favorite because we have two versions of this segregation : of a Black woman and of a White woman. It is also because it is a very human and sensitive book but the way whose Kathryn Stockett has written make the book funny.The author, when she was a child, lived during the segregation and had a Black housemaid. It’s adds a credibility because she knows what sh’s talking, she has a real mink with this time.

The Help was adapted to the cinema by Tate Taylor in 2011. It is also an excellent movie and it complies the book.

The 100, Kass Morgan (Volume 1)


The 100 is the first book in a trilogy of three novels. This book was written by Kass Morgan and was published in 2014.

I discovered this saga through the serie that I really loved.
This trilogy tells the story of 100 teenagers who leave on earth, 100 years after a nuclear war have exploded. The book takes us first into space, where we discover a colony settled there after that the Earth is revealed toxic. From the first pages, we are told that 100 teenage prisoners will be sent to Earth to perform a « test » of radiation. From that moment, we follows four different characters,  with a very personal story. I loved the fact that we discover different perspectives. In this book there are many flashbacks, talking about the past of some characters. I found it interesting but it was sometimes annoying.
It attaches to the main characters much like Clarke, Bellamy, or Wells, the narrator presents them as leaders. This book also contains lots of love, humor and friendship,

This first volume made me want to buy the other, even though I already know the end thanks to the series, but the story and actions are presented differently and make me want to learn more. The characters are engaging, and the last pages of the book are very interesting.

Afficher l'image d'origine


Paul Arden was a famous creative director, a legend of British advertising, and also an author of bestselling book.
When I saw the international bestseller ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’ at the book shop, I was first attracted by the funny cover page, then I took a look on the ‘inside’ and I found it as much interesting as the cover. This book contains advertising, advice… Actually it is not really a book with a story and different characters. Each page is composed of picture and phrase from artists or scientists, unexpected anecdotes, amazing photographs and so on.
It is intended to provide a better life and a better mind. Indeed, it questions the vision we have of our work and our world. To recap, it’s a concise collection of quotes which leads us to think that making bad decisions, being unreasonable, taking dangerous risks is unavoidable to have more confidence and to enjoy our work more than ever.
I’m advising everyone to read this book: it’s a good lesson life. Moreover, it’s a good way to learn some English words.
“The world is what YOU think of it, so think of it DIFFERENTLY and your life will change.”

Divergent, Veronica Roth

Divergent is the first novel of the Divergent dystopian novel trilogy written Veronica Roth, published in 2011.

Veronica Roth ( born in 1988 ) is an american novelist. She wrote the 1st divergent novel at this age of 22. She’s best known for her trilogy of novels : Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant.

The story of the first book of the serie tells the story of Tris ( Beatrice Prior ), she lives in a post-apocalyptic world where the society is devided in 3 factions ( Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, Abnegation, and Candor). Every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote for the rest of their lives after taking a test that will show you which faction you should be in. You can choose to devote yourself to your faction chosen by the test, or you could choose which faction you want to be in. But Beatrice’s test reaveled that she’s divergent ( the divergents are real rare, they don’t belong to any factions and are tracked by the government because they think they’re dangerous ).  she decides to hide her secret and join the dauntless faction. She’ll, then , have a romance with one of her instructors in the faction,named Four

One Island

Hello !

Today i would like to speak about a book : One Island of Tracey Garvis Graves. Tracey is an american author and One Island is his first book. This book stayed several month in the best sales of The New York Time, USA Today and Wall Street Journal ! It was been translated in more than 20 languages and a film is preparing.

When Callahan’s family offers to Anna the opportunity to the Maldives to give lessons to their son : T.J in remission of a cancer, she doesn’t not hesitate. But Nothing happened as it was planned, their private plane crashes in the middle of the indian ocean… they are the only survivors. They are shipwrecked on a desert island, the wait the emergency aid…which will not come. So, they will have to learn survive alone on this island.

I loved this book because there is lot of emotions: joy, sadness, despair but especially hope. This book gives us desire to know what there happen. The reader wonders a lot of questions.

And if it was me or you ? What would you do ?

« The perks of being a wallflower » by Stephen Chbosky

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entilteld « the perks of being a wallflower  » that waswritten by Stephen Chbosky.
this novel is an realistic fiction but he is presented as a diary , charlie talk about his life by means of « letters to his imaginary friend ».
This novel exist also in movie who is probably more famous than the book.
the story talk about an young man « charlie » who is very smart but a little bit strange for the other people. He had a difficult past and hadn’t friend , but one day in a new school he met Patrick then Sam and becomes friend or even inseparable .
Charlie break up with his commute and so he discover another world with party , friend and girl…
I have loved read this book because it’really interesting and could be real , he makes me feel emotions and we could be identify at the caracters and the fact that it’s present such as a diary makes it even more real . It’s a beautiful story and he is very mouving and everybody can read it .
I recommend it !

« Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. »

Hey Guys, what’s up ?!

For the second article of this blog, I’m going to speak about a book more well-known. If you don’t know… Er… you must live in a cave or in an another galaxy…

Of course, people who knows me should guess what i’m speaking about. I mean a famous wizard… Yeah there’s no more suspens, that’s Mr Potter ! However, which one ?

I decided to speak (or to write !) about the fist-one, because that’s where everything started.

« Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone« . Of course the author is the famous J.K Rowling. It was published on June 26 1997 by Bloomsbury in London.


To sum up quickly the story, because almost everybody knows it, I can say that the three main-characters are Harry, Ron and Hermione, also known as the golden trio. Together they’ll fight against… You-know-who, the one who can’t be named, followed by the Death Eaters : Lord Voldemort (Uh I wrote his name !).

However he’s dead, for the moment. We also know that he tried to kill Harry when he was a baby. No one knows why, but Voldemort failed, and Harry survived and just get a lightning shape scar.

So during the first book, Harry discovers his Magic Powers, his new school : Hogwarts, School of Witchcarft and Wizardry whose headmaster is Albus Dumbledore. In this school, there are different houses : Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. You just have to put the sorting Hat on your head, it will read in your mind, and it will know in which house you have to go, but it’s said that you can choose : as Dumbledore said « It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.« 

The hero will also discover the class, like Potion-class, Spells-class… And so many others !

He also met his friends and ennemis (like Draco Malfoy) and he’ll try to save our world from Voldemort, because he’s the chosen-one.


I wanted to speak about Harry Potter, because it’s a really important book to me. It gaves me my biggest dream : write a book.

The story amazed me the first time I read it. We have so many details, and a lot of places, therefore you can easily imagine the world in your head. What’s also great is that the story is not boring and sometimes it’s funny.

To my mind, the story is really well developpt, there are some critics of our society, you know, for exemple with « us » the Muggles, we’re inferior to wizards.

There is a kind of discrimination lead by Voldemort against us because we haven’t magical powers.

I even share the point of view of some people who say that Voldemort is like Adolf Hitler. At the end when there is the great magical war, it refers to World War II. And it’s also showed by the discrimination (and also the facts that the Bad Guys kill a lot of Muggles) and the fact that Voldy (his funny nickname among the Potterheads ? fans) wants to dominate everyone, to be like a dictator. As opposed to Harry and the others who can be seen as the Allies.

So I think that it’s already good but you when I’m writing, it’s so hard to stop me because I’m really fond of it. Even in english if I made a lot of mistakes, I find that it is funny and I like it, tha’ts all.

Okay so, if you have never tried these Books, you should (no, you HAVE to !) try because it’s worth it ! If you want to have fun, to escape the daily routine, to imagine something unbelievable, read it ! And you won’t regret it !

See you next time friends ! 😀

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book Cover.jpg(Cover of the British edition)

On the street where you live, Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark is a famous author of suspense novels and it’s also my favorite author in this genre. Today, I would like to share with you one of her book wich is entitled On the street where you live. The story is set in New Jersey, more exactly in Spring Lake.

It talks about a woman who moved to Spring Lake to buy her ancestors’house. She digs a swimming pool and finds a skeleton with an older bone from another skeleton. Throughout the story, many recent corpses are found with older parts of other skeletons. That would mean that the killer acts for more than 200 years ! The leading character, Emily, wants to solve this case.

I loved this book ! That was the first book I have read from this writer. Thanks to it, I’ve read other books written by Mary Higgins Clark.
« On the street where you live » is an incredible mix of suspense, mystery and action. When you are reading this book, you look for the murderer and honestly I didn’t found him ! I was always wrong during my reading because there are many different tracks and you don’t know who is lying and who isn’t.

Do you have already read this book (or another book written by Mary.H.G) ? If you have read it, did you  find the murderer ? If you haven’t read this book would you read it ?

Carrie by Stephen King

The first Stephen King’s novel was Carrie, an horror novel published in 1974. This novel is not the most popular of his career, but it’s the most famous. King admits that it was because of his wife that he wrote this story : He had written three pages and give up, judging that his work was not good enough, but his wife took the pages, and after she read it, she encourage him to continue this story, and she was right. 

The story is concentrated on Carrietta « Carrie » White. She’s a blonde haired girl, aged of seventeen years old who’s living at Chamberlain, in the Maine. She’s extremely shy and she always unnoticed. And she had the misfortune to be the victim of insults and hard persecutions from all the students of her school. Unfortunately, her mother, Margaret White, is not better : She is a Christian with very strange faith. All this became a torture for Carrie, it became a phobia. And she has the bad luck to not looks good. 

In her life, Carrie doesn’t have any friends : she always all alone, and this nightmare is getting worse day by day.

One Day, after a session of sport, she gets her period for the first time in the shower. But her mother didn’t tell her about menstruation, so Carrie screamed and go found some helps. The others girls, rather than help her, prefered to laughed at her, and throw pantie liner on her. It’s exactly at this moment that something change inside the girl. Something that should have stay asleep. She’s got the power to move object or diforme it only with the thought. 

And at this moment, Carrie absolutely knows that it was a possibilities to take a revenge on everything. The revenge becomes her aim. 

This novel is really interesting and very creepy at the same time. Stephen King manages to make his readers focused on Carrie’s fate, and it’s really good to see this poor girl take a revenge after all that she’s been throught. Also, King based his story on true facts : Two girls that he had known in the past. Those girls were also victim, exactly like Carrie. 

With this novel, Stephen King wanted to denounce the American Society at school and at home, with the tense atomosphere of some family. Anyone can be monstruous with anyone else, but THAT is montruous.

 A lot of adaptations were released on this novel. Two of them are the most famous. The first Carrie released in 1976 by Brian De Palma, and the recently one, Carrie, released by Kimberly Peirce, in 2013. On the latter, Carrie was played by the talented Chloë Grace Moretz, and Margaret White was played by Julianne Moore. 


The Shining, Stephen King

If I say The Shining, most of people think about Kubrick but they should have King in their minds. This is what often happens when films from novels have a hit. Over time, we forget the author.

This book was written in 1977 and this is what the story tells us :

Daniel Torrance, as known as Danny, is a little five years old boy who has a very strange power called the shining : he can feel the emotions of people around him and also predict the future. His father, Jack, a recovering alcoholic and fired from his teaching profession, succeeds in finding a new job as the guardian of the Overlook, a prestigious hotel in the Colorado’s mountains. But this huge place contains the heaviest secrets between murders, mafia and malfeasance. Only Danny can see and feel it. This hotel cut off from the world intends to make them insane ( especially in Jack’s case) and prisoners.

King managed to exploit themes such as telepathy, family, alcoholism, loneliness with a rare accuracy.

I loved the book but I was a little disappointed that the film does not show all the elements that King wanted to convey in his book. But I do find, however, that it’s a remarkable film. If you saw it , I thoroughly recommend reading the book who is extraordinary.

« Da Vinci Code » – Dan Brown.

« Da Vinci Code » is a novel, written in 2003 by Dan Brown. It’s became a great best-seller !

The story talks about a mystery detective investigation by Robert Langdon.

In the night, Jacques Saunière, the Museum Louvre’s watchman, is shot by Silas, a deranged catholic person.
He wants to discovered the keystone in the quest of Holy Grail.
When Jacques was killed, he was in a strange position.
Is is looking for the « Vitruvian Man », the famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.

So, Robert Langdon has to solved the mysterious murder with a french woman, Sophie Neveu.
They are in a great race in Paris and London to understand the actual secret of the society.
They have to solved somes codes and puzzles to discovered the thuth !

It’s a great best-seller, and it is very fascinating novel with a lot of mystery.
I have seen the film adaptation too, directed by Ron Howard in 2006, and it is equivalent to the Dan Brown’s novel ! It’s really great !

Out Of The Easy, Ruta Sepetys

The big Easy picture•The year is 1950 and the novel takes place in New Orleans, which is often called « The Big Easy ».
The main character is the seventeen-years-old Josie Moraine, who works as a part-time bookseller, as well as cleaner of the french quarter’s brothel where her mother, Louise, used to work. This exceptionally clever and resourceful young woman dreams of a college education, where she would be able to satisfy her love for books and stories. Moreover, she wants to study far enough to leave this city and most of all her mother, who just appeared again in her daughter’s life as well as several problems. Louise couldn’t behave less like a mother and only visits her daughter when she needs money or her help in any kind. However, Josie is surrounded by different complex characters who bring her support and help her to grow up, but there are also those who are definitely determined to make her misfortune…
The novel centers on the murder of a library’s customer, in which Josie’s mother may be involved. Even if twists and turns are created mostly by men- Patrick, Josie’s long-time friend who hides an unexpected secret, her mother’s gangster boyfriend Cincinnati, Jesse, a mysterious young man who refers to Josie as « Motor City » and more…- the heart of the story is the colourful and powerful women such as the prominent Willie, the head of the brothel who cares for Josie more than her mother, Dora, a red-haired prostitute who only wears green clothes…
Josie musts deal with a world where her body is evaluated over her mind. Will she finally succeed in becoming the hero of her own life?
New Orleans map

•New Orleans is for sure a grandiose place to set this action-packed story!
As the author says: « It’s a sensory experience on all levels and there is a story lurking around every corner ».

•I really enjoyed this story, where a lot happens! Some of you might know it under the french book’s title of « Big Easy ». Have you ever heard it?


   After I loved the movie Interstellar, I discovered  Inception, from the same producer, whose name is  Christopher Nolan. This film is a science-fiction thriller which shows famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, etc…

   The character played by DiCaprio, Dom Cobb, is an « extractor », a thief who steals someone’s secrets from his subconscious by entering his dreams. Then he becomes sought by the police considering what he does is illegal. Saito, his lastest target which the operation failed with, offers him the opportunity to try something renowned impossible until now : inception. It means that you implant an idea in a mind. Dom and his partner choose to accept the challenge but they will soon be disturbed by an unsuspected enemy.

   In this movie, the characters alternate between dreams and reality, which will probably make you lose your mind ! It is better not to miss any scene and even to watch the movie twice to clarify the story.

   I loved the particular ending and highly recommend to watch the movie !

HUNGER GAMES – Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games ist a book by Suzanne Collins. It is a trilogy and the first volume (that I read) came out in 2008. This book was also adapted to the cinema.

This story direct a tv show which is controlled by the Capitol where twenty-four candidates are taken at random and must necessarily participate. The only rule of the Hunger Games ? Survive absolutely ! The main character, Katniss Everdeen, who was already confronted with the death, decide to take the place of her sister in this sordid game… For Katniss, survive is like a second nature…

I liked a lot this first volume because we can’t stop reading it. It is very fascinating ! Usually I don’t like a lot the science fiction but Hunger Games denounces the dictatorship with a incredible way. I recommend it ! And I think that I will read the other volumes soon.


Into the Wild is a novel inspired by real facts written by Jon Krakauer in 1996. It is a biography, a travel notebook and an autobiography

In 1992 , a dead body of a young man was found in a dropped bus in Alaska, near the Mount McKinley. It was Chris McCandless‘ body. He was 19 when he decided to live off the beaten track. He was disgusted with human being, what kept him to be isolated. He loved Jack London’s and Leon Tolstoï’s books and took the same positions. He had furrowed the United States, subsiting by several works before it settled in Alaska, to live in harmony with nature. This travel will be fatal.

I loved reading this book, because it’s not only the story of an adventurous young man, it’s also the story of the author, and many others anecdotes about things I wouldn’t suspected. I’m fascinated by Chris McCandless. The author had live similar experiences and that’s why he looked more closely at his case. I respect and admire what they have done, they wished leave for adventure and followed through on their commitments. That time, it’s not often that people give up everything to live their dreams and to be self-dependent. I guess Chris McCandless’ project, which cost him his own life, has many benefits: he broadened his horizons, he also met authentic persons and he lived in communion with nature. Testimonies of his family and his new or old friends are touching. I congratulate Jon Krauker for achieving this long quest, and for researching necessary details to write this book. Into the Wild has an abondance of interesting things.

The Red Riding Hood


The Red Riding Hood is Catherine Hardwicke’s american movie, directed in 2011. It’s a fantasy movie inspired by the tale « Le Petit Chaperon Rouge » by Charles Perrault, it’s a continuation of the story. The main actors are Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons.
Valery, a girl who lives in a village, she has to get married to a man who she doesn’t love. One evening, while she wants to run away with Peter, the boy who she loves, her sister is killed by a wild and killer animal: it’s the werewolf who returns to the village. Nobody knows which is the werewolf, the werewolf is an inhabitant of the village who is turned in every full moon. Who is it? A friend? A neighbor? A sister? It’s necessary to find him before he kills again. But nothing unfolds as expected… Valery will try to escape the werewolf, he will propose her a very strange proposal. Will she agree to sacrifice herself for her village?

TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

Okay so I’m going to talk about the 1st novel of the « TimeRiders » series, novels written by Alex Scarrow : at that time, there are 9 books and the 9th is maybe the last but I am not sure about it. I read this book for the first time when I was a little teenager and to read books with an average of 400-600 pages was actually a big challenge for me. I always wondered if the story pleases me enough that I would have the strength and desire to finish it… Yeah, you know, when we are kids, we ask ourselves so many unnecessary questions ! So, you guess that the book pleased me since I am now talking about it.

It’s the story of 3 teenagers who are recruited, just before dying, by a mysterious organization named “TimeRiders”. Their mission ? Save the world Prevent (bad) people from the future to change our past (and our future too, yeah time travel is something very complicated ;)).

If you like science-fiction and time travels so this book is made for you ! This book is also interesting because the bad guys are not really bad guys, they doesn’t fit the usual characteristics of the diabolic humans who want to kill everybody or rule the world : they just have problems what push them to act like this and their reasons are understandable for the reader. Each chapter gives you the desire to read the next chapter (that’s really important when you don’t like reading a lot). If I have to find something wrong in this book, I would maybe choose the description which is too present in the narration but that’s only a detail. If you like the history, it could be a good book for you too because there are many references to bookmarks of the past and the heroes have to travel during World War II to complete their mission… I won’t say more and I recommend this book !

« Before I got to sleep », S.J. Watson.


« Before I got to sleep » is a novel, written in 2011, by S.J. Waston, an english writter. It is his first book, and today it is a great best-seller !

For me, it is a psychological thriller about a sickness, the amnesy.

The novel talks about a amnesic woman. Her name is Christine, and she is 40 years old. Every morning, she is alone in her house. Her husband is working in the city.

So, every morning, she must to read her « personal journal » to discovered and remembered who she is. In her journal, she learns a lot of things, she is married, she has a son, and she is amnesic.

But steep by steep in the story, she learns somes strange and illogical things, and that is not really good to keep her life.

At the end of this book, the lector learns the truth, and it is a twist in the situation !

I have really loved this book, and i have seen the film adaptation, with Nicole Kidman, and it’s a very disappointed movie, althrough the book was a great captivated novel !


Today, I gonna talk about the book Divergent written by Veronica Roth.

In a world where the society is divided in five faction (Audacious, Learned, Altruistics, Sincere and Fraternal) Beatrice Prior (her nickname is Tris) , who is come from the Altruistics, choose the Audacious’ faction. But during her ability’s test ,which is before the Choice Ceremony, she learns that she is a divergent and her secret can kill her because Divergent are considered like an ennmy. During the story we follow Tris in her adventure like an Audacious, her sentimental’s story with her instructor Four, and her fight to save her life but also to discover the secret that Leaders want hide.
I love this Veronica Roth’s book because Tris is an amazing character like an heroine but in the same time she is sensible, she has to make choice as we all and that makes her approachable. We can identify with her very easily. Indeed she is very strong but she has also many weaknesses.
This book ist the first of a trilogy and they two others is also exellents. The two first volumes have been adapted for the cinema and now I am waiting the third which will be avalable in march 2016.

Close my eyes, Sophie McKenzie

Today, I’m going to talk about an almost unknown book, a novel written by Sophie McKenzie entitled Close my eyes. Sophie McKenzie wrote many books but only this book has been translated into french. I have read this book a long time ago but this book affected me that’s why I chose it.
Eight years ago, Geniver lost her baby at the birth and now her husband, Art, wants to have another baby. Gen doesn’t want to « replace » her first kid with a second. One day, a woman announces to Gen that her baby, Beth, is alive. Everything is going to change …
I loved this book because there is a lot of suspense and the end was very surprising ! The author knows how to create tension. The reader is eager to know what’s going to happen. There is also emotion : even if you aren’t a mother, you would be affected by this story.

have you read this book ? Would you like to read it ?

The Woods by Harlan Coben

Today, I am going to talk about the first book I read in English : The Woods by Harlan Coben (a novel, published in 2007). I like reading and I really wanted to learn more vocabulary, structures, etc… I wanted to know what it’s like to read a real book in English, to see if it’s difficult or not or if I could keep until the end. So, I was looking for an interesting book in English but I found many of them. One of them caught my eyes. When I read the summary, I suddenly felt that this book was the perfect one to begin this epic adventure !

Paul is a county prosecutor, in charge of a disturbing new case which brings him back 20 years ago, when he was at a summer camp with his sister who suddenly disappeared with other people. Could his sister be alive ? He has to find out the truth and gather the pieces of the puzzle to know what’s really happened that night.

I think it’s a fabulous book ! I can’t say I’m a “mysteries and thrillers” fanatic but I admit that I enjoyed a lot to read this book : there are short chapters, quick dialog, nice twists, and a narration that was surprisingly funny at times ! I recommend this book for brave people who are not afraid of reading in English and who have a good level of understanding. 😉

Girl Online, Zoe Sugg. 2015

Zoe Sugg, the author of Girl Online, is better known under the pseudonym Zoella. Zoella has a Youtube channel since 6 years. But her book is not an autobiography.

It tells the story of a girl, Penny, who through his blog recounts her problems. Throughout history we recognize some aspects of Zoella’s life and people around her. We find, through her writing, her energy and her humorous expressions. Penny is an English young schoolgirl and reserved. She decided to open a blog anonymously under the pseudonym Girl Online to tell her teenage life, expressing subjects that allow everyone to find a little them in it and to learn to accept themselves.

I really loved this book, even if the author is not a writer.

ten little niggers

Hi everybody,

I’m going to speak about a novel entitled ten little niggers written by Agatha Christie.
This novel talk about ten characters are invited in the famous niggers island where was bought a wonderful house. But the characters are murder one by one describe by a mystery song.
But the last characters discover that the murder is one of them.
I think it’s an intersting novel because the story is very mastered by the author.
We discover the story in the same time of the characters.

J.K Rowling, Harry Potter.

I want to talk you about a wonderfull story, that I discover in 1997 (6 june 1997 more precisely, that’s the real release date in fact). Of course, I’m talking about the gorgeous, the amazing.. : “Harry Potter” and only one, all the books af the saga, written by the perfect Joanne Rowling, more better know as J. K. Rowling. I guess that I need to tell the big of the story, to show you how it’s an awesome story.

Harry Potter the main character, lives with his oncle’s family, because his parents are dead (poor boy !). One day he discovers by the way of a giant man, that he’s a wizard. Then he discovers a new fantastic world, the wizarding world. So of course to become a wizard he need to learn magie and go to school, Hogward (who’s the best school ever). He meets friends, and discovers (one more time) the real death of his parents : murder by a black and evil mage named Voldemort. Then Voldemort, formerly eliminated come back and Harry must fight him to save the entire world (muggle and wizard wolrd).

Behind this story, there’s a entire world to discern for the reader, a community, Rowling hasn’t just created a story she has invented spells, rituals, and an entie univer. I suppose that you’ve seen the movies, but I real encourage you to read the book, they’re very much more intresting and detailed. 

Then, just in case, if you want to accompanied your reading and be in the ambience : theme song of HP


Hello everybody !

Today I’m going to speak about a book I found by pure chance at the School Library…

You know I’m really a curious person, so when I saw this word on the spine of a book, I was totally asthonished.

Maths ? A book about maths, it must be borring…

Actually, I look closer, and it was written « Mathis« , not Maths… Oh okay, everything changes now ! What a funny coincidence.

So now, let’s speak about the book itself. « Mathis, l’enfant qui venait du froid » (no english title, sorry !)I think it’s the goal of this article. Yeah it’s must be that.

Well, the fist thing I did, of course, was to read the blurb. Moreover it was really interesting !

If you want know, the story is set in the futur, where the Earth in unhabitable, because of all the problems we have now. (I mean our present ! ? So because of the Global Warming, Deforestation, Polar Ice Cap Melting, etc… All the problems we are trying to solve nowadays !). Here, the Earth got its revenge.

In that future, humanity lives under the groung in huge caves. It’s like gigantic ant-hills (the place where ants lives) where eveyone is desperate, since (= because) the life is borring, always the same. However we discover it after…

At the beginning, we meet Mathis who is waking up. After… 154 years ? He slept for 154 years because he has been frozen
You ask me why ? He had the cancer in 2008 so his parents wanted to save him by frozing him. Therefore he could be treated in the futur and continues his life without thinking about that illness. And this is what happened. It has worked ! 154 years after beeing frozen, he comes back to life, and the story starts here…

If you want more information, you can browse the internet to find other summarys ; what I said was just the outlines of the story.

I forgot to describe you the book. So, it was written by Éric Sanvoisin, and it was published in 2008. The book’s genre is Sci-Fi.

To me this is a worth reading book. In general, the story is interesting and entertaining. The subject wich is  described is something that could happen in the futur. There are also a lot of criticism.
There are not a lot of characters, therefore you are not lost.

However there is also an useless love story… It has no interest for the rest of the story.
To me it was perhaps a style that was too easy, you know, not developp enough. And, the end is really disappointing : it was stop too early. I mean there was not enough details.
Luckily, there is a sequel !  I didn’t read the volume 2 for the moment, but I think I will do it soon ! Because I want to know what’s going to happen next !

See you everybody ! 🙂

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries is a serie of novels written by L.J Smith. The first novel of this serie has been published in 1991, and the last one in 2007. These novels are kind of romance, horror, fantasy, and they are destined to young people, like teenagers.

The entire story takes place in Mystic Falls, a small town in Virginia. This town is a source of supernatural stories, and it’s known for a lot of act by vampires, werewolf and witches from Salem.
The story talks about Elena Gilbert, 17 years old, who lost her parents in a tragic car accident, and where she mysteriously survived.After one year, she met by chance Stefan Salvatore, a wonderful but strange boy, whose she completely falls in love. But after some time, she met Damon, who is Stefan’s brother. Damon he’s completely the opposite of Stefan : he’s the selfish one and the bad one. Despite his faults, a love triangle starts between them. But the things that doesn’t know Elena yet, is the biggest secret of the Salvatore brothers …

They are vampires.

This series of novels is one of the best, because of the originality of the story. L.J. Smith based her informations about true facts and she always wanted to make her books really realistic. The characters are really charming, and we have the possibilities to indentify ourselves to them. A lot of characters are in this story : There’s vampire, werewolf, doppelgänger, witches, and even hybrids.
Principaly, the main character is Elena. At the beginning, she’s an arrogant person and a little selfish, because of her popularity. But time after time, she become more sensitive about what is happening around her, as the same for Damon.

L.J.Smith succeeded to evolve the story and keeping our attention, and stretch out the suspense. Her books are worth reading by everyone, and should not only concerned teenagers, but EVERYONE.

Finally, a TV Show have been created about the books, in 2009, and even if the show has the same title of novels, it’s completely different, and really interesting to watch. It’s realised by Julie Plec, and the main actors are Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.


MISERY – Stephen King

I’m going to speak about Misery, a film based of a novel by Stephen King. The novel was published in 1987 and was adapted to the cinema in 1990.

In this film, a writter is welcomed after an accident by a fan. This fan lives in an isolated house. He notices very quickly that this fan is not normal and that she has mental disorders. Paul Sheldon, the writter, will go through hell with this woman who is called Anne Wilkes.

I liked so much this film because it is a psychological thriller. Stephen King is an author who knows frighten the reader and the viewer. In this novel, the description of the madness is very interresting.

Don’t turn around, Michelle Gagnon

   Don’t turn around is a novel, more particularly a young adult thriller, written by Michelle Gagnon. We follow the adventure of Noa Torson, a teenage girl in her city which is Boston.

   Noa, young orphan hacker, wakes up one day on an operating table, a cut in her chest. She will succeed to escape this unknown place but the men who worked there are going to track her. Between hiding places, friendships, runs and discoveries, Noa will do her best to make it out and she wishes she’s going to find out the truth.

   From the first line you will be transported in an endless (as it seems) crazy experience with suspence and you and the main character will never have the time to rest.

   I loved it because the story is catching from the beginning and it never disappointed me. We can easily identify to Noa Torson, the main character, because, even if she’s a strong girl, she still has a lovely sensitivity. There is also this virtual side, indeed it talks a lot about technology with the hackers and we can identify to that too while learning some stuff about it.

   The first tome of this series made me waiting for the next one with impatience !

Looking for Alaska

I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « Looking for Alaska »
Thougt it is a realistic fiction it’s also a romance.
The autor of this book is John Green the same who writing « The fault in our Star »
It’s a story about Miles Halter 16 years old who is feeling alone and who need to make experiences . He left his familly to study in an University , he met his veritable friend and Alaska Youg a girl who Miles fall in Love .
A beautiful adventure begin with more or less probleme.
This novel talk also about many firt experience of life like smoke , drink , the first love and Accident….
I loved read this book because the autor know how make suspence and he makes me feel a lot of emotions and it is very mouving for all people can read it because it can be make thinking about a friend or a person in our family , this is why you must read it .

The Iron saga, Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa is an american author born in 1982, living in Hawai. She is the author of aswell Blod of  Eden, the Talon series and the saga I am going to comment.

The Iron Fey is a serie of books in the genre of fantasy. Published since 2010, it defines a story filled with mystery, suspense ansd a lot of magic. Meghan, the main character is a normal teenage girl who lives in Louisiana. She doesn’t fit in school as much plus lives in a

farm with her step dad, her mother and her little brother, pretty normal until here.

On her 16th birthday, her life will change completely, she discovers that her brother has been kidnapped and been replaced by a monster. She will discover the existence with the help of her friend Robbie (who is fey) the world of the Nevernever. This world is full of dangers and with her friends (the cat, Ash,Robbie) she will face many quests and near death with many magical creatures (mermaids, goblins, oracles…). She will discover that her fate is to save tis world endangered by the corruption of technology which is poisoning the land but her first aim is to save her brother. She will become the Iron queen, able to control the corruption and to interwind nature and technology.
This is my favorite saga which I have read over and over again ! So many unravelling plots and this saga is a mixture between Lord of the Rings and Narnia. I love her writing style and the description is just enchanting.

Paper Town , John Green

Paper towns is a novel written by John Green, an american author who mainly writes books for young adults and teenagers.This book was published in 2008 by Dutton Books.

This story takes place in Orlando, where the narrator, Quentin « Q » Jacobsen and her neighbour Margo Roth Spiegelman grew up apart. But that one night, Margo breaks into Quentin’s room by the window and ask him if she can borrow his car because she has things to do… Margo then, convince him to come with her to take revenge from people who hurt her. After a wild night they came back to their house at 6 A.M. At school Quentin wanted to ask Margo if he could now be in her group of friend, but Margo didn’t go to school that day, and the next day either… After 3 days of being missing, Margo’s parents decided to tell the police, Quentin with the help of his friends went looking for her thanks to clues that Margo left here and there.

 » Margo loved mysteries so much that she became one « 

I love this story because it talks about people of my age and about things that actually happens in real life. I also liked it because at some points it’s quite funny and i think that if a book is funny it’ll be more entertaining than other books.

The Drowning

Hi everybody !

Today i would speak about a book « The Drowning »  of an english author Rachel Ward. She has written this book to show the plight of families affected by drowning.

One day, in the frozen lake Carl wakes up besides a young girl. Then, he sees the fireman takes the lifelss body of his brother. He has no memories. The only personn can help Carl, for find the memoriesis the girl, the only way for know what happened in the water, is the girl. But the memories can be dangerous…

I choose this book because there are many suspens, this books gives chills and i think also this book is very psychological because the main character are many hallucinations.

Noughts and Crosses, Malorie Blackman

Imagine a world where everything is black and white. Where black people are rich, powerful and ruling whereas white people are poor, despised and dominated. This is the world where Sephy and Callum live. Racist laws, coups, bombs, this is what their daily lives rhythm.

This story written by Malorie Blackman shows us how silly a human can be by believing prejudices and by thinking like the society wants him to think. It takes us into the racial segregation where communities are clashing mercilessly . There are neither good nor bad guys, just people who struggle for their convictions.

But Blackman also tells us that love can be found even in the darkest places.

This is literally my favorite book. It comes from a saga and this one ( the number 1 ) is called Noughts and Crosses. I loved the other ones but this one is still the best to me.