Looking for Alaska

I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « Looking for Alaska »
Thougt it is a realistic fiction it’s also a romance.
The autor of this book is John Green the same who writing « The fault in our Star »
It’s a story about Miles Halter 16 years old who is feeling alone and who need to make experiences . He left his familly to study in an University , he met his veritable friend and Alaska Youg a girl who Miles fall in Love .
A beautiful adventure begin with more or less probleme.
This novel talk also about many firt experience of life like smoke , drink , the first love and Accident….
I loved read this book because the autor know how make suspence and he makes me feel a lot of emotions and it is very mouving for all people can read it because it can be make thinking about a friend or a person in our family , this is why you must read it .

One thought on “Looking for Alaska

  1. I have never read this book but only « Paper Towns » An abundance of Katherines » and « The faults in ours Stars » written by John Green. But the story of « Looking for Alaska » seems to be very cool, and i am maybe going to buy this book (or borrow it to the school library!) 🙂
    I love the writing of John Green, it’s an excellent writer ( Good job, you convinced me to buy it!).
    See you ! 🙂

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