MISERY – Stephen King

I’m going to speak about Misery, a film based of a novel by Stephen King. The novel was published in 1987 and was adapted to the cinema in 1990.

In this film, a writter is welcomed after an accident by a fan. This fan lives in an isolated house. He notices very quickly that this fan is not normal and that she has mental disorders. Paul Sheldon, the writter, will go through hell with this woman who is called Anne Wilkes.

I liked so much this film because it is a psychological thriller. Stephen King is an author who knows frighten the reader and the viewer. In this novel, the description of the madness is very interresting.

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  1. hey, Rachel spoke to me about the movie and one day I decided to watch it, I have no regrets, this is a old movie and I don’t love (in general) the old movie but this movie is so amazing, I was tense during because I was scared when the author tried to escape many times while she was in the supermarket, this is a stressful movie and I like it !!!

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