Noughts and Crosses, Malorie Blackman

Imagine a world where everything is black and white. Where black people are rich, powerful and ruling whereas white people are poor, despised and dominated. This is the world where Sephy and Callum live. Racist laws, coups, bombs, this is what their daily lives rhythm.

This story written by Malorie Blackman shows us how silly a human can be by believing prejudices and by thinking like the society wants him to think. It takes us into the racial segregation where communities are clashing mercilessly . There are neither good nor bad guys, just people who struggle for their convictions.

But Blackman also tells us that love can be found even in the darkest places.

This is literally my favorite book. It comes from a saga and this one ( the number 1 ) is called Noughts and Crosses. I loved the other ones but this one is still the best to me.

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  1. The story of that book sounds really interesting, I will probably read it one day because you made me want to !

  2. This book seems to be also great and it’s very frustating because I’ll have never the time to read all of them. 🙁
    But I think this book will be on the top of my list!

  3. I read all the sage a long time ago, and I can assure it’s very very interesting ! I recommend EVERYONE to read it ! It makes us think about a lot of thing in our life. After reading the first book, I just sit for a long time, motionless, saying ‘wow’. Moreover, it’s really easy to read. If one day I have enough time, I will read this saga once again!

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