Paper Town , John Green

Paper towns is a novel written by John Green, an american author who mainly writes books for young adults and teenagers.This book was published in 2008 by Dutton Books.

This story takes place in Orlando, where the narrator, Quentin « Q » Jacobsen and her neighbour Margo Roth Spiegelman grew up apart. But that one night, Margo breaks into Quentin’s room by the window and ask him if she can borrow his car because she has things to do… Margo then, convince him to come with her to take revenge from people who hurt her. After a wild night they came back to their house at 6 A.M. At school Quentin wanted to ask Margo if he could now be in her group of friend, but Margo didn’t go to school that day, and the next day either… After 3 days of being missing, Margo’s parents decided to tell the police, Quentin with the help of his friends went looking for her thanks to clues that Margo left here and there.

 » Margo loved mysteries so much that she became one « 

I love this story because it talks about people of my age and about things that actually happens in real life. I also liked it because at some points it’s quite funny and i think that if a book is funny it’ll be more entertaining than other books.

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