The Iron saga, Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa is an american author born in 1982, living in Hawai. She is the author of aswell Blod of  Eden, the Talon series and the saga I am going to comment.

The Iron Fey is a serie of books in the genre of fantasy. Published since 2010, it defines a story filled with mystery, suspense ansd a lot of magic. Meghan, the main character is a normal teenage girl who lives in Louisiana. She doesn’t fit in school as much plus lives in a

farm with her step dad, her mother and her little brother, pretty normal until here.

On her 16th birthday, her life will change completely, she discovers that her brother has been kidnapped and been replaced by a monster. She will discover the existence with the help of her friend Robbie (who is fey) the world of the Nevernever. This world is full of dangers and with her friends (the cat, Ash,Robbie) she will face many quests and near death with many magical creatures (mermaids, goblins, oracles…). She will discover that her fate is to save tis world endangered by the corruption of technology which is poisoning the land but her first aim is to save her brother. She will become the Iron queen, able to control the corruption and to interwind nature and technology.
This is my favorite saga which I have read over and over again ! So many unravelling plots and this saga is a mixture between Lord of the Rings and Narnia. I love her writing style and the description is just enchanting.

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