The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries is a serie of novels written by L.J Smith. The first novel of this serie has been published in 1991, and the last one in 2007. These novels are kind of romance, horror, fantasy, and they are destined to young people, like teenagers.

The entire story takes place in Mystic Falls, a small town in Virginia. This town is a source of supernatural stories, and it’s known for a lot of act by vampires, werewolf and witches from Salem.
The story talks about Elena Gilbert, 17 years old, who lost her parents in a tragic car accident, and where she mysteriously survived.After one year, she met by chance Stefan Salvatore, a wonderful but strange boy, whose she completely falls in love. But after some time, she met Damon, who is Stefan’s brother. Damon he’s completely the opposite of Stefan : he’s the selfish one and the bad one. Despite his faults, a love triangle starts between them. But the things that doesn’t know Elena yet, is the biggest secret of the Salvatore brothers …

They are vampires.

This series of novels is one of the best, because of the originality of the story. L.J. Smith based her informations about true facts and she always wanted to make her books really realistic. The characters are really charming, and we have the possibilities to indentify ourselves to them. A lot of characters are in this story : There’s vampire, werewolf, doppelgänger, witches, and even hybrids.
Principaly, the main character is Elena. At the beginning, she’s an arrogant person and a little selfish, because of her popularity. But time after time, she become more sensitive about what is happening around her, as the same for Damon.

L.J.Smith succeeded to evolve the story and keeping our attention, and stretch out the suspense. Her books are worth reading by everyone, and should not only concerned teenagers, but EVERYONE.

Finally, a TV Show have been created about the books, in 2009, and even if the show has the same title of novels, it’s completely different, and really interesting to watch. It’s realised by Julie Plec, and the main actors are Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

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  1. I love this TV series but I actually have never read one of the books ! I think I’m going to very soon because it seems quite interesting to see how the characters are described in the books

  2. This serie is one of my favorite! I like the story, the atmosphere,the characters , the cast and… everything! This serie of novel is in my book’s list because I’m very interrested to discover the original story.

  3. I read the first 5 books (but there are too many books so I stopped!). I also watched the TV show and I like it but I agree with you : it’s completely different !

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