« Before I got to sleep », S.J. Watson.


« Before I got to sleep » is a novel, written in 2011, by S.J. Waston, an english writter. It is his first book, and today it is a great best-seller !

For me, it is a psychological thriller about a sickness, the amnesy.

The novel talks about a amnesic woman. Her name is Christine, and she is 40 years old. Every morning, she is alone in her house. Her husband is working in the city.

So, every morning, she must to read her « personal journal » to discovered and remembered who she is. In her journal, she learns a lot of things, she is married, she has a son, and she is amnesic.

But steep by steep in the story, she learns somes strange and illogical things, and that is not really good to keep her life.

At the end of this book, the lector learns the truth, and it is a twist in the situation !

I have really loved this book, and i have seen the film adaptation, with Nicole Kidman, and it’s a very disappointed movie, althrough the book was a great captivated novel !

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  1. I read this book, he’s disturbing. The movie was a great success too because he respected very well the history of the book !

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