Into the Wild is a novel inspired by real facts written by Jon Krakauer in 1996. It is a biography, a travel notebook and an autobiography

In 1992 , a dead body of a young man was found in a dropped bus in Alaska, near the Mount McKinley. It was Chris McCandless‘ body. He was 19 when he decided to live off the beaten track. He was disgusted with human being, what kept him to be isolated. He loved Jack London’s and Leon Tolstoï’s books and took the same positions. He had furrowed the United States, subsiting by several works before it settled in Alaska, to live in harmony with nature. This travel will be fatal.

I loved reading this book, because it’s not only the story of an adventurous young man, it’s also the story of the author, and many others anecdotes about things I wouldn’t suspected. I’m fascinated by Chris McCandless. The author had live similar experiences and that’s why he looked more closely at his case. I respect and admire what they have done, they wished leave for adventure and followed through on their commitments. That time, it’s not often that people give up everything to live their dreams and to be self-dependent. I guess Chris McCandless’ project, which cost him his own life, has many benefits: he broadened his horizons, he also met authentic persons and he lived in communion with nature. Testimonies of his family and his new or old friends are touching. I congratulate Jon Krauker for achieving this long quest, and for researching necessary details to write this book. Into the Wild has an abondance of interesting things.

3 thoughts on “INTO THE WILD

  1. I have saw the movie, he is very good but for me he is also little Strange… but the story of this man is extraordinary ! He have a lot of courage to break his routine 🙂

  2. Yes I did JM! I think the book is more interesting, there are many anecdotes about Chris McCandless and his life, about Jon Krakauer, about others persons who wants to live in communion with nature and who died during their trip… Moreover, there are many quotes of Jack London’s books, like White Fang, Leon Tolstoï’s books, trials oh John Muir… You will see! 🙂

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