Carrie by Stephen King

The first Stephen King’s novel was Carrie, an horror novel published in 1974. This novel is not the most popular of his career, but it’s the most famous. King admits that it was because of his wife that he wrote this story : He had written three pages and give up, judging that his work was not good enough, but his wife took the pages, and after she read it, she encourage him to continue this story, and she was right. 

The story is concentrated on Carrietta « Carrie » White. She’s a blonde haired girl, aged of seventeen years old who’s living at Chamberlain, in the Maine. She’s extremely shy and she always unnoticed. And she had the misfortune to be the victim of insults and hard persecutions from all the students of her school. Unfortunately, her mother, Margaret White, is not better : She is a Christian with very strange faith. All this became a torture for Carrie, it became a phobia. And she has the bad luck to not looks good. 

In her life, Carrie doesn’t have any friends : she always all alone, and this nightmare is getting worse day by day.

One Day, after a session of sport, she gets her period for the first time in the shower. But her mother didn’t tell her about menstruation, so Carrie screamed and go found some helps. The others girls, rather than help her, prefered to laughed at her, and throw pantie liner on her. It’s exactly at this moment that something change inside the girl. Something that should have stay asleep. She’s got the power to move object or diforme it only with the thought. 

And at this moment, Carrie absolutely knows that it was a possibilities to take a revenge on everything. The revenge becomes her aim. 

This novel is really interesting and very creepy at the same time. Stephen King manages to make his readers focused on Carrie’s fate, and it’s really good to see this poor girl take a revenge after all that she’s been throught. Also, King based his story on true facts : Two girls that he had known in the past. Those girls were also victim, exactly like Carrie. 

With this novel, Stephen King wanted to denounce the American Society at school and at home, with the tense atomosphere of some family. Anyone can be monstruous with anyone else, but THAT is montruous.

 A lot of adaptations were released on this novel. Two of them are the most famous. The first Carrie released in 1976 by Brian De Palma, and the recently one, Carrie, released by Kimberly Peirce, in 2013. On the latter, Carrie was played by the talented Chloë Grace Moretz, and Margaret White was played by Julianne Moore. 

7 thoughts on “Carrie by Stephen King

  1. I like revenge stories. Although it was written by Stephen King, this novel seems to be creepy (like you said), frustrating and maybe a little funny (it’s always funny when a seventeen years old girl discovers that she has super powers, she gets mad and makes her own revenge and then, you have a fight between teenagers – hum, that’s maybe not the way that things gonna really happen in the novel). It’s also interesting the way that Stephen King manages to turn the victims in the ones who act and it’s a good thing that the bad guys take what they deserve. So, I will interest me to this novel. 😉

  2. I began to read this book but I haven’t finish yet. I’ve never seen the movie -shame on me- but if it’s like the book it seems to be great ! (Perhaps too bloody to me!) Moreover I love the actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

  3. I don’t like horror books or horror movies ! I so scared, it’s dreadful ! But I a big coward and I haven’t nerver seen a horror movie in my life ! But it’s could be a great book with the strange story and odd atmosphere with the secret in the house ..

  4. I think it’s a very good horror novel ! I think I must to read it , I love an horror books and horror movies . You make me scared just with your description! ( I’m agree to Manon , Chloe Grace Moretz is an very nice actress !)

  5. Stephen King is also disturbed but his books are great with psychological horror story. It’s very cool when we love blood, suspence, murder and strange phenomena (psychopaths or bad spirits). Especially befor sleep 😉

  6. I love this writer and all the books he wrote ! I loved this book even this is absolutely not my style

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