« Da Vinci Code » – Dan Brown.

« Da Vinci Code » is a novel, written in 2003 by Dan Brown. It’s became a great best-seller !

The story talks about a mystery detective investigation by Robert Langdon.

In the night, Jacques Saunière, the Museum Louvre’s watchman, is shot by Silas, a deranged catholic person.
He wants to discovered the keystone in the quest of Holy Grail.
When Jacques was killed, he was in a strange position.
Is is looking for the « Vitruvian Man », the famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.

So, Robert Langdon has to solved the mysterious murder with a french woman, Sophie Neveu.
They are in a great race in Paris and London to understand the actual secret of the society.
They have to solved somes codes and puzzles to discovered the thuth !

It’s a great best-seller, and it is very fascinating novel with a lot of mystery.
I have seen the film adaptation too, directed by Ron Howard in 2006, and it is equivalent to the Dan Brown’s novel ! It’s really great !

4 thoughts on “« Da Vinci Code » – Dan Brown.

  1. I have not read this book but your article gave me desire to read it ! But I read Inferno by the same author and he is very good !

  2. If you can, read « angel & demon » it’s written by dan Brown and he look like « Da Vinci code » It’s a very cool book !

  3. you spoke me about this book! This book give desire to take an interest it and this book seems interesting and intriguing ! I think that I will try to read this book.

  4. « Da Vinci Code » it’s very famous! But I don’t read it and this kind of book interest me a lot.

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