The Help

I’m gonna  talk about one of my favorite book : The Help  written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009.

The scene takes place at Jakson in Mississippi in 1960s, it was one of the most violent State during the segregation in United States.

There are three main characters : Aibileen, a Black housemain who is 53 years old and who raises children of white families ; Minnie, an other housemaid who is most rebel than Aibileen ; and Skeeter, a young White woman who realised inequity whose Black people are victims.Skeeter who has follows journalim’s studies decides to wrtite a book composed of housemaids’ testimonials on their life, their work, how are their relation with White people. Each chapter has a point of view different, sometimes that Aibileen, sometimes Minnie and sometimes Skeeter. Other characters like Hilly, a White woman, show us the mentality and beliefs of the time like the fact of Black people are dirty and they have most diseas than Wite.

This book is one of my favorite because we have two versions of this segregation : of a Black woman and of a White woman. It is also because it is a very human and sensitive book but the way whose Kathryn Stockett has written make the book funny.The author, when she was a child, lived during the segregation and had a Black housemaid. It’s adds a credibility because she knows what sh’s talking, she has a real mink with this time.

The Help was adapted to the cinema by Tate Taylor in 2011. It is also an excellent movie and it complies the book.

4 thoughts on “The Help

  1. I saw the movie adapted from this novel, the french title is : “La Couleur des Sentiments” and I recommend you to watch it. Viola Davis, in the role of Aibileen, is amazing ! 😉

  2. Yes I’m agree with you! The film is wonderful! Even if it doen’t respect every points of the book ( like every book’s adaptation…) I love each character, very good interpreted by the cast!

  3. I also saw the movie one day, but I’ve never heard about Kathryn Stockett, shame on me haha! But if the book is as good as the movie, it’s worth reading.

  4. I have also saw this film, and I’m totally agree with you and Loïc… he is excellent ! I have not read the book, but I think he is very interessant like the film, so I go to the bookstore to buy The Help ! 😉

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