« The perks of being a wallflower » by Stephen Chbosky

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entilteld « the perks of being a wallflower  » that waswritten by Stephen Chbosky.
this novel is an realistic fiction but he is presented as a diary , charlie talk about his life by means of « letters to his imaginary friend ».
This novel exist also in movie who is probably more famous than the book.
the story talk about an young man « charlie » who is very smart but a little bit strange for the other people. He had a difficult past and hadn’t friend , but one day in a new school he met Patrick then Sam and becomes friend or even inseparable .
Charlie break up with his commute and so he discover another world with party , friend and girl…
I have loved read this book because it’really interesting and could be real , he makes me feel emotions and we could be identify at the caracters and the fact that it’s present such as a diary makes it even more real . It’s a beautiful story and he is very mouving and everybody can read it .
I recommend it !

3 thoughts on “« The perks of being a wallflower » by Stephen Chbosky

  1. I’ve never read the book but I absolutely loved the movie, actually it’s one of my favourites. The story is really touching and it changes from other movies with teenagers. Now I will consider to read the book 🙂

  2. I didn’t read the book, but I’ve seen the movie. It is touching and moving, and I loved the actress Emma Watson. This is an other matter but I love the songs in the film! The book seems to be as well as the film, thanks to you i’d like to read the book!

  3. The film made me cry. Don’t make fun of me, I am a really sensible person. I want to read the book SO much, but, as always I don’t have time. Thanks for sharing your opinion on it, it was interesting.

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