The Shining, Stephen King

If I say The Shining, most of people think about Kubrick but they should have King in their minds. This is what often happens when films from novels have a hit. Over time, we forget the author.

This book was written in 1977 and this is what the story tells us :

Daniel Torrance, as known as Danny, is a little five years old boy who has a very strange power called the shining : he can feel the emotions of people around him and also predict the future. His father, Jack, a recovering alcoholic and fired from his teaching profession, succeeds in finding a new job as the guardian of the Overlook, a prestigious hotel in the Colorado’s mountains. But this huge place contains the heaviest secrets between murders, mafia and malfeasance. Only Danny can see and feel it. This hotel cut off from the world intends to make them insane ( especially in Jack’s case) and prisoners.

King managed to exploit themes such as telepathy, family, alcoholism, loneliness with a rare accuracy.

I loved the book but I was a little disappointed that the film does not show all the elements that King wanted to convey in his book. But I do find, however, that it’s a remarkable film. If you saw it , I thoroughly recommend reading the book who is extraordinary.

8 thoughts on “The Shining, Stephen King

  1. As I already told you Jeanne, my best friend is crazy about this story and she showed me the film. Which scene did you find the most frightening? To me, it was when Jack is writing something in his notebook, and we suddenly discover that he wrote « Everything’s fine. » again and again in 3 pages… Or the one when blood comes out of the elevator, or…. There are too many!

  2. Jeanne, did you think it’s about the director movie the fact that the movie was a little disappointed for you ?

  3. The moment I freaked out was when Jack come to Wendy in the bathroom and he destroys the door with his axe. It was really nerve racking ! But the scenes you discribe were very scary too !

  4. Kubrick did a great job for people who did not read the book. Because if you read it and watch the film after you might be disappointing like for the end that is completely different. On the other hand, on screen it’s not the same as what we can read. To me Kubrick is not the one to blame because most of the time books are better than the films.

  5. I’m going to tell about my own life but I’ve bought the book few months ago, I’ve even begun it but I think I’m not really fan of Stephen King’s writing… He is very crude in the way he writes. So I didn’t continued the book but I think I’m going to try again to read it, because the story sounds to be incredible. Moreover I really wants to read the book before watching the film, so I will wait again to watch the movie haha!

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