Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

    Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. This is  gothic literature.

    The scene takes place in London at night. The hero of the story is Dr.Jekyll, he wants to shows everybody have opposite forces inside themself, a kind of alter-ego. For this, he creates potion for separete the good side from his dark side. He wants to get ride his evil part. After drinking the potion Dr.Jekyll become an other people, ugly, strange and vigourous men. Mr.Hyde is born, this is the name of dark side from Dr.Jekyll. The doctor shows his reflection in mirror but is not really himself is evil part of himself but he accepte that. The hero is facinate by the image of Mr.Hyde. But along this story we can see, Mr.hyde takes a big place in a life of Dr.Jekyll and the evil part become dangerous for familly and friends of doctor.

    I really like this this story because there are suspence, murder, blood and the reader  wants to know what going to happen. Caracters are very special and atypic, the story is very interesting.

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