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I’m going to speak about Hamlet a great tragedy written by Shakespeare. This work was written between 1599 and 1602 when Queen Elisabeth 1st was alive.

Hamlet is the main character of this theater play, he is the Prince of Denmark, we have as well his father (a ghost) and the uncle (Claudius). Shakespeare is also appears to be inspired by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus’s medieval Scandinavian tale called Gesta Danorum or Historia Danica of choice.

I like this story because tragedy is the root of the actual horror story in cinema and in litterature. It’s very moving and malicious at the same time. Hamlet play the role of mental patient in the play of this tragedy for make his uncle believe that he is not bright, and kills him for revenge his father ! So cool !

If you have liked this onset you can write a review and if you will read this story I can lend this book in english ! ;D

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  1. Oh, I studied a part of it and I only have bad memories about it, sorry… But I saw that you also wrote an article about Romeo and Juliet, so I’m deducing that you’re a huge fan of Shakespeare, which I think is pretty rare nowadays 😉

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