The fault in our stars – John Green

Hey guys ! I’m going to speak about a famous book (i’m sure you know it ! ) which is also adapted to the cinema.

It’s The fault in our Stars , a Young adult novel/ realistic fiction , written in 2012 by the American John Green and later , released in 2014 to the cinema. It’s the sixth Novel after “Looking for Alaska” and too “An abundance of Katherines”. It was a best seller in the world ! (I’m serious !).

It’s the most famous book of John Green now. Do you know that the title of the book is inspired by Act 1 , scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar ? ( “The faults , dear Brutus is not in our stars ! But in ourselves, that we are underlings”)

It’s the story of a sixteen-years old girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster ,who has a serious disease : Thyroïd Cancer. She is seriously sick and must have a cannula with an oxygen cylinder to breathe.

Her Mother wants her to go to a support group “the literal heart of Jesus”. She met Augustus Waters, a seventeen-years old boy, who is an Amputee because he is suffering from a very serious disease too. He is here to support his bestfriend, Isaac, who is blind. Hazel and Augustus become friends immediately!

Hazel love a book “An imperial affliction” written by Peter Van Houten , and one day she decided to lend it to Augustus. It’s the story of a girl who is suffering from a cancer too, like them.But there is any conclusion… Augustus love this novel and as he wants to know what’s happen next ( like hazel! ) , he write a mail to the author and hope that he is going to answer.. It’s the beginning of a beautiful story of love and friendship between Hazel and Augustus.


It’s a sad story because it’s about 2 teenagers who suffer from cancer, and they know they are going to die, Hazel said she is a “grenade” , she can explode at any time !

John Green is an excellent writer and make of it a beautiful story with love, friendship, humor, it’s just amazing !

When I read this book ? It’s the first book I read, written by John Green, and personally I love !

I saw the movie and it is really close to the story of the book ! It’s a good screen adaptation! I recommended it to you ! I have no preference between the movie and the novel….

Have you read the book or saw the movie ? Have you a preference ? And did you like it ?

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  1. I’ve seen the movie and it’s really a moving story… I like so much the movie but the book must be fascinating too

  2. I find that the history is too predictable in this book, we expect this end at the end of 30 pages.

  3. I’ve seen the movie too and this story is very touching and the love story between Grace and Augustus is beautiful

  4. I’ve read and seen the fault in ours stars and for me is a story for children. I don’t like this story.

  5. Hey everyone ! Sorry for the late of my answer…

    Yes, in fact Romane, the book is also very interresting (as the film indeed). I loved it ! But many people don’t like the story like Lilibelle and Sidonie, because it’s a little bit too predictable indeed.. But everyone can have a different opinion on this 🙂
    And for some people, it’s their favourite novel like Juliette 🙂
    Thanks for your comments !

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