the host

The host

The Host is a science fiction and romance novel, written by stéphenie Meyer, and published in 2008. The book talk about a new world on earth where the aliens took control of everything. they killed most of the humans.They enter into their body and they dominate the earth. There is some survivor, but one of them, Melanie Stryder, will be catch, however her mind will stay when « the soul » ( that’s how the aliens call themselves) entered
into her body, and we will follow her adventures all along the novel.                                         The movie was made in 2013.

I found the story so beautiful, i liked the mix of romance and sci fi. i learned many things thanks to that, first, it is important to stay open minded, and not to reject the difference. And second, family is one of the most important thing on earth. This novel has a very deep sense and the characters are so appealing. i love the relationship between Melanie and Gabbie, (the soul inside of her) , and especially at the end when they said ; « my sister » together. I cried a lot at this moment…

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  1. Your article made ??me want to read the book because I love science fiction and that kind of scenario !

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