The Picture of Dorian Gray

The picture of Dorian Gray is a novel written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1890. Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde is a Irish writer. He lived in 19 century. His literary movement aesthetics and the picture of Dorian Gray is perfect example. It deals with the beauty, art, youth and morals. The Picture of Dorian Gray has been adapt in theater, literature, cinema …
The story tells about Dorian Gray is a young man, it’s an aristocrat, who is describe like a beautiful and naive man. One day, Dorian meet Lord Henry, he is a friend of Basil Hallward , Hallward is a famous painter who is fascinate about Dorian’s beauty, and he decides to make a picture of Dorian Gray, because for him, Dorian Gray represents the purity and the perfection. But Lord Henry have a bad influence in Dorian, because Dorian Gray is seduce by Lord Henry’s theories of Beauty and pleasure of the life.
Dorian Gray fascinates Hallward and he influences him for his paint, but when he meet Lord Henry, Dorian Gray is admire his thougts, because Lord Henry is a good orator and Dorian Gray a naive boy, believes in theories of Lord Henry and he tries to follow them. Lord Henry raises awareness about Dorian Gray’s beauty, because himself doesn’t know. At this moment, Dorian Gray fears to age and he wishs that the picture ages at his place, because the beauty is ephemeral. And the picture becomes to age at the place of Dorian Gray, So Dorian becomes narcissistic and he take the pleasure of the life, and he causes so many people in his fall. During in his life the picture ages and reflets his dark soul, because Dorian Gray hasn’t any moral.
The picture of Dorian Gray is a novel about the psychologie who shows the elegance of human and his painting reveals the dark part of human.

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  1. The story is very interesting, i would like to read the novels one day. I only saw the movie, with Ben Barnes, i found it very good.
    Thank you for you’re article 🙂

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