Chappie is an American and Mexican film directed by Neil Blomkamp, released in March 2015.

We are in a futuristic period, in a city where criminality is the most reported: Johannesburg. Robotic force patrolls are created to deal with these lawbreakers and assure to keep the city prosperous. Deon, an employee of the company, is working on a secret creation of his own: to be able to insert a memory card in a robot capable of giving to the robot a real conscious. It would have feelings of his own, to be able think and decide of his actions. A robot called no 22, is pointed out in the first scenes: he is destroyed he is on every single mission, not a lucky one I suppose. He is at the end sent to be crushed in a pile of robots. Deon creeps into that room and picks him up, he is chosen to test his experience. On the way home, he is attacked by a couple named Ninja (Waktin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi (Yolandi Visser) they squat an unoccupied factory and deal with drugs and all sorts of illegal doings… he is forced to pull up at there « home ». Ninja dreams of having one of these robots for his own and while Chappie (his conscious name) is growing, he will try to train him as being a gangster.  Even by the protection of Yolandi and Deon, Chappie will be torn between a child innocently discovering the world and himself and the toxic behaviour and treatement Ninja imposes him. After being caught several times commiting criminal acts (he doesn’t realise what he is doing) the robot company considers him like a potential criminal and decides to destroy Chappie. Vincent (another employee) has possession of a giant robot connects human consciousness to machines with a helmet,and sets off to kill them all.What he doesn’t know is that Deon has one of those helmets and will try to transfer Chappie’s conciousness into a new robot body so he would live much longer. Will he succeed? Are they going to face Vincent ant his monster and survive? I will propose you to watch and find out!

I really found this film amazing because I love science fiction and the theme of human feelings and concsiousness, a really good idea. I find it really good to put in a touching film that is based on robots, who are cold and emotionless. And it astonished me to find two popular singers as actors aswell (olandi and Waktin).

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