Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing it’s an american film, it was directed by Emile Ardolino. He also directed Sister Act. He is a famous director. Dirty Dancing, is a famous movie in the world.

The story takes place in New York’s mountains, in sixtees, where a family come for hollidays. « Baby » the daughter is a sweet daddy’s girl but in they camp she meet a teacher of dance, Johnny Castle, he is a naugty man but in real he is a nice man. Baby lies to her father for dance with Johnny. She fall in love and him too. But they relationship is so complicate because they are so diferent and Johnny musn’t be in love with a client of camp. The film is a typical love story. They will finish together in the end of the film ? That is the plot of the movie.

I loved this film because the story is beautiful, the film shows : the love hasn’t limitation, two diferent peoples can fall in love. Althougt the movie shows the emancipation of daughter than her father. I love the famous actor Patrick Swayze, Johnny in the movie, he is very good and beautiful. The song into the film like Time of my life and Hungry eyes are amazing, I always listen they.

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  1. Yes, as said Mathilde, it’s a classic !
    I never saw the film, but i know the story. You made a good summary : Nice Job !
    I believe that, there is also a musical comedy on Dirty Dancing ! Yes, it was a really HUGE success, all aroung the world (For the film, and maybe, the musical comedy, i don’t know..). 🙂

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