Every human being has his own knowledge, skills, intelligence. Imagine if you could share them. This is what the Wachowski ( Matrix filmmakers ) have implemented in their new TV series called Sense8.

The title tells us a lot about the blurb. Indeed it’s a play on words : sense8 means sensate and it’s a synonym of aware .

The story revolves around eight people, spread throughout the world, which suddenly become connected intellectually, emotionally and sensorially .The show explores themes that its directors believe to be generally ignored by the series of science fiction, including politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion.

Here is a a little presentation of the « sensate » :

Wolfgang Bogdanov , a burglar born in East Berlin, lives in Berlin, a complex family history.

Kala Dandekar , a druggist from Mumbai, engaged to a man she doesn’t love.

Riley Blue , a DJ from London with a troubled past, a native of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Will Gorky , a policeman haunted by an unsolved murder during his childhood from Chicago.

Capheus (nicknamed  » Van Damn  » ) , a minibus driver in Nairobi, Kenya, which is desperate to earn money to cure his mother.

Sun Bak , daughter of a powerful businessman she works in Seoul, South Korea, and practices kickboxing .

Nomi Marks ( born Michael Marks ), a trans woman , blogger and hacker from San Francisco.

Lito Rodriguez , a famous telenovela actor nicknamed « El caído  » living in Mexico City, who conceals his homosexuality.

I recommend this great show to everyone . You’ll see how thrilling and intriguing it is ! You’ll wonder if one day it will happen to us and if science will manage to explain it.

9 thoughts on “Sense8

  1. I feel like Netflix often broadcast very good series. Sense8 is one of the evidence! I really like the fact that people are connected between them and they’re almost dependent one another. I really like Riley, Will, Wolfgang,… I’m going to say all the characters’ names because all of the protagonists are charismatic without being too cliché. I look foward to the next season !!

  2. It is one of my favorite serie, I love it much ! I like the characters, they are different but alike in the same time, I am looking forward to the next season !

  3. Wow Jeanne, it really makes me want to watch it now… Even just watching the trailer makes you understand how disturbing it must be to get along with strangers’ mind and abilities! So now I have to convince my parents to have Netflix if i don’t find it… 😉

  4. I started watching this tv show and I have to say that Netflix do a pretty good job. I guess all I have to do is finish it now !

  5. I started to watch the two first episodes and I found it so… weird! I was so lost, I did not understand everything… I’m not sure I will continue it even if your article is pretty cool 😉

  6. I definitely enjoyed to watch Sense8 : from the characters to the story ! I think that we can’t call Sense8 as “a simple TV-show” because it isn’t really. No, this series is more like a masterpiece, something that can turn you upside down and let you think about the world, the connections between the humans, what makes us similar but in the same time, so different. Sense8 is also a great entertainment : you don’t just have one or two stories but eight stories who follow the eight characters of the series, 8 stories about love, conflicts, tragedy, pain or happiness. It is very smart the way the characters’ destinies are connected in the series. Anyway, there would be so much to say about this amazing series ! That’s why I’m looking forward for season 2. 😉

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