We need to Talk about Kevin by Lynne Ramsay.

     We Need to Talk about Kevin is an american film by the Scotish Lynne Ramsay. She comes back with a brutal movie. Through a hate story between a mother, Eva and her son, Kevin. The film tell a flashback and adopts the perspective of the mother devastated. Indeed, the movie begin a painful history of her relationship with her son, step by step, we see the trajectory from childhood to teenager, Kevin led to commit the unthinkable.

     After a painful birth, their relationship already bathed in blood, tears and cries. The baby will not stop screaming, and the mother realizes she has lost her tranquility and does not support it. In a terrible scene, Eve stops near a construction site with her baby in a stroller, but she prefer the sound of the jackhammer to the cries of her child.

     Then, she « sacrificed » her career to raise Kevin. She must give up city life that she loves, to give to her son the advantages of the suburb. So many sacrifices she made for her son and she will not reward. At 8, Kevin wear again diapers, probably to annoy his mother and force her to change them. Kevin repainted with his paint gun the room freshly decorated of his mother. As a teenager he spend his time on porn sites, to masturbate in the bathroom without bothering to close the door. He never stop bully his little sister Celly.

     We need to Talk about Kevin, is a psychological movie, interresting to watch. In brief, Kevin made a big splash in the gallery terrible children to the movies. The movie is a death struggle between a mother and her son.

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